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TRON 3 Rumor Round-up: The Director, The Shooting Location, & the Score

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything about a follow up to 2010’s TRON: Legacy, leading many to speculate that the sequel was quietly shelved. TRON: Legacy began production at a time when Disney was desperate to lure in a younger male demographic, but since then, the company has bought both Marvel and Lucasfilm, and with The Avengers and Star Wars in their pocket, most assumed that TRON would be left in the dust.

But it appears that the rumors of TRON‘s demise might be a bit premature; a report from a local paper in Vancouver is saying that the third TRON movie is scheduled to start shooting in that city this fall, and further reports suggest that Legacy director Joseph Kosinski will be back in the director’s chair, as well as star Garrett Hedlund. TRON: Legacy might not have set the world on fire upon its release, but it did make money(especially with merchandising rights), and was considerably more financially successful than the original movie ever was (even adjusted for inflation, the original TRON wouldn’t have even broken $100 million dollars in today’s box office-and if that movie could earn a sequel, certainly the more profitable TRON: Legacy could). Plus, Legacy was a visually stunning movie, with gorgeous production design and great effects, coupled with one of the absolute best scores to a genre movie in years, courtesy of Daft Punk.

All of that might make a third film seem like a shoe-in, right? Not so fast. Our reports might suggest otherwise. Join Jessica Chobot for a special edition of Nerdist News in which we break down what you need to know about the TRON threequel, including the surprising rumor of who could be scoring the film.

Are you ready for a return trip to the grid? Let us know your thoughts on a new TRON film in the comments below.

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  1. Orionsangel says:

    Please no Skyrillex! Annoying ass rhythmless music!

  2. ericmci says:

    If they model a Tron movie after the cartoon which was excellent – with fantastic story and art driection it could be great.
    “Half a decade”  otherwise known as 5 years ago.Such emPhaSis for E-ffect.
    Also a commercial before And after a 20 sec video is gross.
    Finally for anyone who hasn’t seen this coming for years now with apple I say— BahhhhhhhhhSeriously a gold Macbook??

  3. Tron says:

    I wouldn’t run to see it but would watch a third movie on cable sometime.  Big fan of original but didn’t care for the Legacy movie.  Legacy  was TRON with about 3 minutes of tron in the movie.

  4. RedwoodCoast says:

    Grid into the real world cool concept.  Light Cycles in the Real World fun with right effects. 

    Escaped program/recognizer hybrid into the real world as human/terminator could be interesting.  Hard to fulfill Audience preconceptions although.

    Will need a better central character, besides wayward young man angst they used in Tron Legacy, guess it was a fundable story hook. 

    Perhaps a modern WOMAN gamer/hacker/geek (aka LADY FLYNN) in contrast TRON and LEGACY ladies.
    Use more young USER and young TRON virtual actors with real voices.   Would be cool for the BRAND. 

  5. mike says:

    Yes please, until I can get downloaded to the grid in real life these need to continue to be made.

  6. Daevid says:

    Dan Shore? That was David Warner being shown.

  7. Shayde says:

    Hope they bring some of the stuff from the kickass anime series.

  8. Michael says:

    My vague memories of Tron Legacy – it was beautiful to look at but had no compelling story and the lead actor didn’t make me want to care about the character. It failed to capture that wonder and magic of the original. I remember when I watched it, there was no scene in which I felt drawn into the movie. Flashy to see but dramatically hollow.

    • Fox1 says:

      Speaking for the generation that saw the original Tron after its release I’d have to disagree. They both lacked story depth and amounted to not much more than visual eye candy. In many respects, the new one had a lot of the same plot elements from the first with additional story to continue the mythos.

  9. Iridion says:

    Absolutely LOVED Legacy! I’d pay good money to see the next chapter!

  10. KC says:

    Loved the Recognizers (wicked Apollo V blastoff engine sound) Loved the Daft Punk. More please.

  11. Scotty says:

    Tron: Legacy was some a great cyberpunk flick, It was beautiful if a bit long and certainly worthy of a sequel.

  12. Rufus says:

    I’d kinda blocked legacy out so can’t remember if it was any good.  The fact that trauma has erased my memory would suggest that I didn’t enjoy it, either that or I experienced a traumatic event in the cinema, like a snake bite or something.  I’d have to say that the idea for a third film has me about as excited as receiving some manner of venomous animal attack non the less.

  13. tom thompson says:

    Oh ye gods no, no skrillex.

  14. zac says:

    I can’t wait tron was good legacy was great tron 3 gonna beat them both

  15. TronMusic says:

    Oh please god no