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Tribute Video Reminds Us of Jon Snow’s Greatness

“I’ve been worrying about Jon for years. He always comes back.”

From your lips to the ears of the old gods and the new, Samwell Tarly.

As we all wait for season six of Game of Thrones (or hopelessly for George RR Martin to release The Winds of Winter) to see if Jon Snow really is dead, or will be un-dead, a fan has put together a beautifully edited ode to our favorite Crow.

Put together by YouTube user Emri, the video pays homage to the 998th Lord Commander by reminding us of some of his braver moments in battle. But the real honor lies in celebrating the sacrifices he has made to remain a sworn brother of the Night’s Watch. One such sacrifice was his refusal of Stannis Baratheon’s offer to be Jon Stark, Lord of Winterfell, which would have finally relieved him of the lifelong burden of being a bastard.

The other major sacrifice the video pays tribute to is Jon’s denial of the only woman he has ever loved, Ygritte. While it felt like the two of them meandered north of the wall for an eternity, when neatly organized into a short montage, it feels like the greatest love story ever told. Well, besides Jamie and Cersei.

Although the video ends with his apparent murder at the hands of his fellow sworn-brothers, it also has the ever-optimistic words of his friend, Sam. Maybe the next tribute video will be to Azor Ahai? Or a hidden Targaryen?

Who else from Game of Thrones deserves the tribute-video treatment? Tell us right here in the comments.

HT: Uproxx

Image: HBO

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