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Travel to Gallifrey This Weekend!

If you’re in the LA area this weekend (Feb 18-20), you would do yourself a favor to visit the 22nd annual Gallifrey One convention. It’s at the LAX Marriott and is the largest and longest running Doctor Who con in North America. The guest list this year is packed with some of the biggest names in the cast and crew of the show’s long history, not the least of which is the Fifth Doctor himself, Peter Davison!! The full list of events and guests is available at the above link.

I’ll be there all weekend, so feel free to come say hi. You might see Mr. Hardwick if you’re there on Saturday, and on Sunday you can hear me, your old pal Kanderson, waxing philosophical on a couple of panel discussions. Stands to be a great weekend, so don’t miss out! And if you’re in other parts of the world, or just can’t make it, you can still be kept abreast of the fun and frivolity by following me on Twitter (@FunctionalNerd) and I’ll be live tweeting all weekend!

Image: Gallifrey One

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  1. Aaron says:

    Will you be posting any footage you shot Saturday?

  2. Rory Pond says:

    Another great thing about Gally is the inevitable nerd collision between Doctor Who fans which leads to cross-pollination of podcasts. Case in point, Chris Hardwick on Radio Free Skaro!

  3. Wesley Marshall says:

    Dude thank you so much for letting us all tag along with you today. It was nice talking with you. And you actually talked to me longer than 2 minutes. You are so kind to your fans and we all really appreciate it. Also that battle you had with the Dalek was awesome!!

  4. Alee says:



    Few things would make me happier.

  5. Galadriel says:

    Well, can’t go to Catch-22, BUT: sure planning to go to Renovation (WorldCon in Reno, NV this summer)!!!!!! Anyone else going? I’ve heard there will be a lot of Doctor Who events. And of course, you get to vote for the Hugo Awards! Looking forward to Who kicking some Hugo butt again this year, this time with the new Doctor. Enjoy Catch-22, but see y’all in Reno next!

  6. coconutphone says:

    @ Alee Great job!!!

    Maybe Chris should have you on the podcast. 🙂

  7. wesley Marshall says:

    Chris if I run into you at Gallifrey One (I’m going as the 11th Doctor) will you do me the honor of geeking out with me. #thatbeawesome

  8. Alee says:

    Ok, I don’t know if you actually read this, but I just want you (Chris/the Nerdist) inspired me. I always kind of wanted to do comedy but didn’t really have the balls to get up and do it. But when you kept talking about how you just have to start, to just do it, I started thinking. I started writing stuff down and just got back from my first stand-up. I killed, and it was aMAzing. I just want to say thanks for telling me to start…it’s really all I needed.

  9. TBonesteel says:

    Just heard you were coming to Gallifrey the year. Can’t wait to see you there. My father, brother, and I are coming in from Chicago and St. Louis to go. Truth be told, we’re actually coming in a day early for Thursday’s taping of the Late, Late Show, so it will be a very Chris Hardwick weekend. See you at the panels, Kyle!

  10. coconutphone says:

    Oh man I’d love to go. Stupid living in a different country!!

    I just went on a big run of buying 5th Doctor DVDs too! OK mostly for Turlough but still! I do love Peter Davison’s Doctor. Probably my 2nd favourite after Matt Smith.

    Have a great time everyone who goes, especially you Kyle & Chris.

  11. Lee says:

    Oh MAN. I wish I could go to this just once. I suppose getting live-tweets from a formidable nerd adversary is a satisfactory second-best, though. Remember to shoot the bird at every Dalek you see and then run serpentine down narrow aisles.

    Forrealz, though, good luck with your panels and have fun!