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Translate Any Website Into Groot-Speak With This Nifty New Button

I am Groot. I am Groot. I am Groot…

*clears throat*

Sorry about that. What we were trying to say is we love Groot. You love Groot. Everybody loves Groot. While we all expected to walk out of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy wanting to own a stuffed Rocket, we left overjoyed with the innocence of the taciturn talking tree-man, Groot. He was the heart and soul of Guardians, so it’s no surprise the internet is now obsessed with him, and this is perhaps the best thing in relation to the creature that we’ve seen since that DIY Dancing Baby Groot.

Thanks to the folks at Us vs Th3m, a button now exists for you to translate any website you like into Groot-speak. All you have to do is add the button provided on the page to your browser’s bookmarks bar, and instantly you will be able to read a website the way Groot would have written it. This might just be the best thing the internet could have provided on the heels of the film’s second week in theaters.

Guardians has quickly become a fan favorite among Marvel fans. The world it displayed was lively and the characters that inhabited it were exciting. While the Billboard chart-topping soundtrack certainly didn’t hurt, it was the charm of the gang as a whole that made us fall in love with all things Guardians, but Groot is a special case. Groot IS the Guardians, so the more things we can get involving him, the better.

How many sites do you plan on converting into Groot speak? Let us know in the comments below!

[HT: The AV Club]

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  1. Pako says:

    I’m not reading anything ever again on the internet other than I am Groot!

  2. Zafar says:

    All “I AM GROOT”

  3. Groot says:

    I AM Groot,

  4. Russell says:

    I am Groot?