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TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE’S Matrix of Leadership Recreated with 3D Printer

Thirty years ago, Transformers: The Movie rewrote the mythology of the franchise and introduced the Matrix of Leadership, which was passed from a dying Optimus Prime to his successor. An earlier form of the Matrix had previously appeared in the Transformers comic book series, but this is the most famous version, and the one recently created with a 3D printer!

Via Gizmodo, the latest episode of Bob Clagett‘s YouTube series I Like To Make Stuff unveiled his take on one of the most coveted objects in the Transformers universe. According to Clagett, it was far more difficult than he initially assumed it would be. By his own admission, he made several mistakes along the way.

One of Clagett’s mission statements for I Like To Make Stuff is that he uses it as an opportunity to chronicle the learning process behind his various custom projects. In this episode, Clagett spent the early part of the video showing a few clips of the 3D Matrix model that he created in Fusion while figuring out how to use the program. Clagett noted that it took between 35 to 40 hours just to print out all of the pieces. Some of that included pieces that didn’t come out correctly, or those that were “just wrong.” Clagett also put a considerable effort into making sure the buildlines were eliminated before moving on to adding several layers of paint. After assembling the pieces, Clagett even added a working light to the Matrix. We have to say that it came out quite nicely. It’s very impressive, and we’d buy it if we could!

You can find more of Clagett’s videos at the I Like To Make Stuff YouTube Channel.

What did you think about this 3D Matrix? Transform and roll out to the comment section below!

Image: Bob Clagett

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