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Trailer for the Biggest Rom Com Ever–BATMAN V SUPERMAN: Dawn of Just Us

Meet Clark.

He’s got everything–a good job, good friends, everything–but he always felt a little…flung from space.

He’s about to meet someone who finally makes him feel at home.

Now they’ve got to figure out if heroes from two different planets can get vulnerable, get real, and even fall in love.

That’s right, this spring get ready for the biggest romantic comedy the world has ever seen, with the blockbuster release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Just Us.

At least that’s the very different, re-imagined version of the upcoming, big cinematic superhero encounter in this trailer from the folks at Wired, who admit they are not the first people to wonder about a Clark KentBruce Wayne romance, but who also just couldn’t help themselves.

In this drastically different parallel universe, instead of being a brilliant evil genius hellbent on pitting the two heroes in battle, Lex Luthor plays Cupid who introduces Clark and Bruce to one another. Also, Wonder Woman poses a challenge to their burgeoning love — “when the past comes back” they “must decide what’s really worth fighting for.”

This trailer is also the perfect excuse to remember the most famous tight knit partnership in superhero history.

I doubt Superman and Batman would be compatible to be honest. Batman is just so surly, and Superman is just a polite, positive boy from Kansas. Superman wouldn’t be able to handle all that negativity. Besides, it’s never easy to work together, and with all of the villains they deal with it would be impossible to not bring work home constantly.

What do you think? If they were so inclined, could Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne make it work? Tell us how you think it would go between them in our comments below.

Featured Image: Warner Brothers

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