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Towerfall Ascension Coming To PS4, PC in Early 2014

More great news about our favorite 2D battle royale frag-fest has surfaced as of recently. We found out on Thursday night that Ouya’s killer app, Towerfall, would be receiving its own adaptation for the PlayStation 4. Now, the game’s newest trailer reveals that it will also be making its way to the PC when it drops sometime in early 2013.

Towerfall Ascension will include everything we love about the original, along with 50 new multiplayer maps, new arrows, and a new co-op quest mode. Get yourself in the Towerfall spirit by checking out this trailer below.

The mastermind behind Towerfall Ascension, Matt Thorson, has stated that the game will be making its way to the Ouya three months after its PS4 and PC debut via an update. The vanilla version of Towerfall is arguably the Ouya’s best game, and is a definite favorite here at the Nerdist offices. Look out for our review of the game when it finally lands next year!

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  1. Phat says:

    LOL! I think that you should not buy a PS4 or Xbox One at the moment and of course I have reasons for saying that. You can see it here:

  2. Bobby says:

    Towerfall is one of the best games released this year on any console. Now that it’s coming to PC and PS4 people can actually play it! It brought back memories of crowding in a basement and playing super smash bros on the 64. I’m happy to drop another 15 dollars on this game when it releases. If you have a PS4 don’t miss out on this game next year!