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TORCHWOOD Series 5 is Coming…as Audio Plays

TORCHWOOD Series 5 is Coming…as Audio Plays

It’s truly mind-boggling to think about, but we haven’t had a series of Torchwood on our screens since 2011. And it’s even more upsetting considering that the BBC/Starz co-production “Miracle Day“, had a fascinating concept—the whole world suddenly unable to die, except for the usually immortal Captain Jack Harkness—but left a lot to be desired. While a series of Big Finish audio dramas gave us some past Torchwood adventures, the most recent announcement will finally continue the TV continuity.

Big Finish has long delivered Doctor Who universe ancillary material, but almost always firmly in “the past.” For years they’ve had audio adventures for the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Doctors in between their televised outings, have revolutionized and given abundant life to the Eighth Doctor, and even brought in the Fourth Doctor and more recently the Tenth Doctor back for some new/old stories. And they have never had the opportunity to be the new and current version of a Doctor Who-realmed show—until now.


In a press release, Big Finish announced Torchwood Series 5 would be coming to us in audio format, following Capt. Jack (John Barrowman) and Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) as they head back to Cardiff to restart the Torchwood Institute, only to find the Welsh capitol is very different, and in a much worse state than when they left it. Also returning are Kai Owen as Gwen’s husband Rhys and Tom Price as Police Constable Andy.

Of the new series, producer James Goss said the following:

“[TV series creator] Russell [T. Davies]’s been wonderfully involved in the continuation of Torchwood. We came up with some characters and ideas and he very kindly, very politely said ‘Marvelous, but no. Howabout…?’. And that’s what lead to Jack and Gwen being joined by Mr Colchester (Paul Clayton), Ng (Alexandria Riley), Tyler (Jonny Green) and the enigmatic Orr (Sam Béart). Who are they? What part do they have to play in the future of Torchwood? And can they save Cardiff from an invasion that’s already been lost?”

“This is an ambitious series for Big Finish – an entire season of Torchwood! There are some great scripts by some new writers, but there are also some familiar old faces – of course Rhys and Andy are in it, but there’ll be a few other surprises, including an appearance by someone who just has to be, has to be dead…”

The season will be broken up into three chunks, with the first–containing four episodes–coming this August on CD or digital download. What on Earth (or elsewhere) could Jack and Gwen be dealing with this time?

Are you stoked for more Torchwood even if it’s in the theatre of the mind? Who do you think the “definitely dead” person is who’ll come back (it’s Ianto or I’ll eat my hat made of a sandwich). Let us know in the comments below!

Images: BBC/Starz, Big Finish

Kyle Anderson is the Associate Editor and the resident Whovian for Nerdist. Follow him on Twitter!

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