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Topher Grace Launches CEREAL PRIZE Site With Amazing THAT ’70S SHOW/LAND OF THE LOST Mashup

Imagine finding a box full of old VHS and Betamax tapes and discovering a treasure trove of marvelous entertainment gems.

Thanks to Topher Grace, star of That ’70s Show and Spider-man 3, you won’t have to troll the local thrift stores anymore.

Starting today, you can get your daily dose of pop cultural novelties, blockbuster movie throwbacks, and insider Hollywood “prizes” at his new site, Cereal Prize. It’s not confirmed if Topher Grace is the kind of guy who patiently eats all the cereal till the prize is revealed, or someone who dumps out the box and digs through — but since he’s the sole creator and editor, we’ll just sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Check out this amazing That ’70’s Show and Land Of The Lost meet The Flintstones mash-up called Fez & Friends –and check in daily for a trove of pop culture treasures, re-edited trailers, unaired pilots, funny sketches and more. You can also follow Topher on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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  1. ThisGuyRightHere says:

    FYI, the sound on the video is mono, but only comes from the left. I thought my headphones were broken until I tried listening to a long video on YouTube while fixing it, but it’s definitely this video

  2. Sean Loyless says:

    That is definitely not Topher’s Facebook page. It should be