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Top 5 Musical Moments in ADVENTURE TIME

When Adventure Time isn’t getting mathematical, it’s getting musical. Each episode of Adventure Time starts with a snazzy theme you can’t help but sing along to, and that’s just the beginning! The Cartoon Network animated series starring Jake and Finn has songs about food, punching things, and friendship – yeah, they’ve covered a lot of ground over six seasons. Most of the tunes are of the silly variety, but oh my glob, sometimes they strike a touching note. Do you recall when Marceline and Ice King sang “I Remember You” in the fourth season? I do. Sniffle.

Instead of just talking about the melodious highlights of the series, let’s listen to them. Here are our picks for the best five songs in Adventure Time:

“Bacon Pancakes”
Pancakes plus bacon? It’s a winning combination. Jake croons this simple but delicious song while making uh, bacon pancakes, in the season four episode “Burning Low.” Penned by Rebecca Sugar, this musical moment is short and sweet but memorable.

“My Best Friends in the World”
Characters come in and out of the cartoon but Finn and his friends are constants. Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, and Jake are his three best pals, and in the season three episode “What Was Missing,” Jake sings and opens the Door Lord’s magic door. He tells his friends about his Feelings (capital “F”) and asks what they think of him. This is one of not so ridiculous songs I mentioned earlier.

It’s not simple to commit to this statement, but here I go: BMO is the cutest character in Adventure Time. The tiny portable game console is sort of like the R2-D2 in this universe. In the second season episode “Video Makers,” BMO performs “Friends” to remind Finn and Jake about their relationship and to stop fighting over a movie. The tune written by David C. Smith and accompanying images are almost unbearably sweet.

“Food Chain Song”
While Adventure Time is often whimsical, it does teach some lessons. Finn and Bubblegum’s song about the food chain was performed in the sixth season episode “Food Chain.” Finn and Jake go to the Museum of Natural History and learn about – you guessed about it – the food chain. It’s educational, colorful, and like many of the entries on this list, it gets stuck in your head. You’ve been warned.

“All Gummed Up Inside”
Remember when Finn really liked Princess Bubblegum but she rejected him? It happens again and again. In the third season episode “Incendium,” Finn sings a song about being passed over that talks about how he’s basically broken. Hey, I wanted to end on a cheerful note.

Head to the comments and tell us what your favorite song from Adventure Time is.

Featured Image Powered by DeviantArt // Artist: Amanda Szymanski

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  1. T says:

    Baby Socks

  2. NightroadAX says:

    But what about House Hunting Song 🙁

  3. Akshun says:

    No love for the “Fry Song”?

  4. Someguy says:

    Nuts/I Remember You should be on this list.

  5. Johnathan B. says:

    Um, I’m gonna bury you is one of my favorite songs ever, not just from AT, ever. How did you miss it? you even included a song from that episode.

  6. Sharow says:

    a dancing bug!

  7. Austin S says:

    “Remember You” should definitely be on this list too, but these are also great picks!

  8. Lawhorne says:

    Do do do do to do do do Makin your way in the world today takes everything you got.