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Top 5 Most-Anticipated Horror Movies of Fall

Uh-oh. Did you hear that? The rattling of a distant, ghostly chain? Or was it the howl of a werewolf? Or perhaps the inhuman flapping of some unfathomable beast’s wings?

Nope! It’s just good ol’ Nerdist News! But if you’re hearing things, it might be because you’re as amped about the coming season as we are! Yes, Fall is just around the corner, and the release of As Above/ So Below tonight signals the arrival of the latter months’ greatest asset – horror movies!

To celebrate all the spooky radness we’ve got coming our way, Jessica Chobot is counting down our Top 5 Most-Anticipated Horror Movies of Fall. And boy are they diverse, covering everything from demonic transformation to killer videotapes to haunted houses and more. PLUS, the Dowdle Brothers, the writing-producing-directing team behind As Above/ So Below, drop by to say hello! It’s gonna be a spooky good time.

Thanks for watching the show today, head on back for an all-new Nerdist News WTFridays tomorrow, and let us know in the comments below which horror movie you’re most excited for this year!

You Made It Weird

You Made It Weird : Jennette McCurdy

You Made It Weird

You Made It Weird : Matt Mira

It’s Official: A Massive Shark (Probably) Ate The Missing Great White

It’s Official: A Massive Shark (Probably) Ate The Missing Great White



  1. RyGuy says:

    Green Inferno?

  2. rabartraga says:

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  3. J says:

    Harry Potter…will he now be known as Horny Potter?

  4. Wardster_ says:

    Babadook looks ace!

  5. Janne says:


  6. tyler durden says:

    no jess you’re not really in the catacombs but you are really in my dreams

  7. Kevin Smith’s Tusk

  8. Wes says:

    Horns….can’t wait for that one. Harry Potter gone evil.

  9. Audio says:

    How could Anabelle not make the Top 5 Chobot-a-Saures Rex? Huh? Name one thing worse than a possessed ventriloquist doll! Also it looks like you have a bong in the background.