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Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero Star in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene

They said we were mad. They said it was a crazy idea. They said we could NOOOT be serious. What was it that caused everyone to lose their minds? Earlier this year we helped Tommy Wiseau record a very real audition tape to play The Joker, with an assist from his friend and The Room co-star Greg Sestero as the Caped Crusader. And to top even that, we’ve now had the two of them recreate the iconic interrogation scene between Batman and the Joker from The Dark Knight. And yes, it is totally insane, but in the best way.

We know Warner Bros. will never remake The Dark Knight, but you know you’d watch that movie with these two. Maybe it’s because, just like Batman and the Joker, Wiseau and Sestero have a unique relationship that makes them destined to do this forever.

No one should be surprised that they have genuine chemistry playing two adversaries who might as well be friends, and not just because of The Room. Their second movie together, Best F(r)iends: Volume One, available worldwide on iTunes on September 25, is a surreal art house film about a drifter and an unusual mortician who form a bizarre business plan and even stranger personal relationship.

Neither of those characters would be out of place in Gotham.

As for Tommy Wiseau as the Clown Prince of Crime, now everyone knows the truth behind the makeup—he might not be the Joker anyone expected, but he’s the one we need right now.

If you could watch these two recreate any scene between Batman and his greatest enemy, which one would you pick? Tell us why in the comments section below.

Tommy Wiseau as The Joker
Greg Sestero as Batman

Directed by Andrew Bowser
Produced by Jason Nguyen
Edited by Matt Caron
Music by Jon Odate
Associate Producer Erik Kozura
1st AD Lizzy Walker
DP Connor Heck
1st AC Sean Goode
2nd AC Alex Drachnik
Gaffer Conor Soules
BBE Caleb Harris
Key Grip Jake Reardon
BBG Patrick Mattes
Production Sound Charlie Mead
Key HMU Fernanda Machado
Production Designer Mitch Thompson
Art Director Adam Nungester
Key Wardrobe Cherokee Neas
Stunts Coordinator Josh Tessier
Stunts Omid Zader
Production Coordinator Katy Hampton
Key Set PA Jose Sosa
PA Dan Kleba
PA Jordan Rockower
Colorist Andy Inglat
Strings Provided by Matt Caron

Filmed at Electric Pony Studios

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