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Tom Hardy Has Lots of Ways To Ruin You and Ruin You He Will

What makes Tom Hardy such a badass? That’s easy–everything. While some guys might be tough, others suave, and some just skilled with a weapon in their hand, Tom Hardy can do anything and everything that can leave a man broken.

This video from Movieclips Trailers, titled “5 Ways Tom Hardy Will F*** You Up,” is just the reminder we need about the greatness of Tom Hardy.

So what are the five ways Tom Hardy will ruin your s***?

1. He’ll Knock You Out

Like in Warrior, where Tom is finding redemption in an MMA ring, while you find yourself on your back after a flurry of Hardy punches to your head.

2. He’ll Shoot You Up

You think bootlegging Tom Hardy from Lawless is frightened by bullets whizzing by his head? You need to be mortal to fear such a thing. Meanwhile, Tom Hardy’s aim is always true, a fact you’ll know with your last breath.

3. He’ll Take Your Woman

You can shave his head and give him the old-timey-est of old-timey mustaches, like in Bronson, but that doesn’t mean your lady won’t be susceptible to the Tom Hardy charm of simply being Tom Hardy.

4. He’ll F*** Your Ship Up

Even Jean Luc Picard can find himself and the entire crew of the Enterprise at the mercy of Tom Hardy’s innate ability to destroy whatever he damn well wants, like in Star Trek: Nemesis.

5. He’ll Leave You For Dead

You think being a mega-famous movie star and international playboy like Leonardo DiCaprio would protect you from Hardy justice? Tom Hardy will just leave a bear to do his dirty work for you like in The Revenant.

And that’s just five movies of Tom Hardy being the baddest man alive. Damn. I wonder if it’s easy to be so Hardy.

What’s your favorite Tom Hardy role? Tell us in the comments below.

Image: Vertigo Films

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