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These days, an actor has but two important decisions to make: New York or LA, and Marvel or DC. While most thespians have thrown on a cape by now, the upcoming glut of superhero movies means some actors are gonna get to wear two! And it sounds like Tom Hardy will be first in line to double up.

Join Jessica Chobot as she explores the trio of exciting roles being offered to Hardy right now – from three different studios! Will he become Doctor Strange for Marvel, Apocalypse for Fox’s X-Men, or Harkness in the Suicide Squad? Find out our thoughts on today’s Nerdist News!

Thanks for watching! See Malik Forte build the coolest AMD gaming rig ever, and let us know in the comments below which comic book character you want to see Tom Hardy become next!

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  1. Graknar Lord of the Spider People says:

    So… why isn’t Harley going to be in Suicide Squad? Like, legitimately, I’m asking what the reason is behind that. Where did you hear that? I didn’t see that listed with the announced movies.

  2. Mark Hamill says:

    Honestly, the Bane impression could use some work. I’ve heard better.

  3. Loosh says:

    This is BS! Harley needs to be in it!

  4. Suicide Squad with no Harley? Travesty! Scrap the movie and start again guys.

  5. pallykax says:

    If they dont include Harley Quinn in the movie it means they havent done their homework about the suicide squad, which means its gonna be a shit movie, So dont get your hopes up about it.

  6. Johnny2cents says:

    I legitimately wonder if the reason Harley isn’t included is because she’s a gleeful character. Honestly. DC doesn’t seem to have ANY interest in happy heroes, even if the happiness is insanity-fueled. If they are sticking to this no-jokes policy, leaving out Ms. Quinzel makes sense, at least from their standpoint. Geez, I hope this doesn’t end up being a brooding “Ocean’s 11”, something I could see happening. But then again if Warner Brothers actually try to make a depressingly serious Captain Boomerang, the unintentional campiness may make this movie fun after all. Good luck with a grim boomerang thrower, DC.

  7. Seattle_Ray says:

    really?  no harley Quinn?  She is the best thing to come out of DCs mainline comics since her inception!  And NOT including her?  whatever.  DC being DC, or the continuation of blah DC movies by non Nolan film makers. 

  8. mikedudez says:

    hay jess the ghost of g4 is standing behind you

  9. Michael Sacal says:

    Dawn of Justin again, lol.