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TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #5


You guys, it’s been a long week. There’s rockets flying every which way in the Middle East, it’s getting dark at obscene hours of the day and we want pumpkin pie now, but Thanksgiving isn’t until next week. What is a troubled soul to do? Take your mind off of things for a bit with TOKYOPOP’s Cosplay Friday, your weekly round-up of the best cosplay the web has to offer. And today is a very special Cosplay Friday because in our newsletter, we interviewed Brian Milne, our featured cosplayer of the month. So, enjoy your burrito, then enjoy the heck out of this cosplay.


Cosplay Friday starts not with a whimper, but with a sonic boom thanks to Brian Milne’s epic Guile (Street Fighter) cosplay.


He looks good in all shades of green – especially “hunter green” like in this awesome Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. Or is that kelly green? Where is our trusty sidekick Benjamin Moore?


But what would the Emerald Archer be without Ol’ Slade Wilson dogging his heels? This Deathstroke is Milne-tested, Marv Wolfman-approved! Seriously, read our full interview with Brian and find out more about his costumed capers.


Mother of Brain! Justin Bailey has never looked better than in Pixelninja’s jaw-droppingly good Samus Aran (Metroid) cosplay.


Unlike the real Yuna (Final Fantasy X), Narga*Lifestream couldn’t just select a dress sphere to change into this pitch-perfect cosplay; she had to make it herself.


Y’know, for something that’s in the prototype stage, this Ryuk (Death Note) from CosplayFromSkratch is terrifyingly realistic. Just keep throwing apples and maybe he’ll go away.


It’s a double dose of kimono-clad Vocaloids in this rad shot from Spiral Cats Team.


We are beyond pleased that this trio of Weeping Angels made the timey-wimey to take their picture. Doctor’s orders, you know!

Orange you glad we found this Seiji Matoba (Natsume Yuujinchou) cosplay for you to drool over?


JennCroft’s gritty take on Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) is almost enough to make up for that whole Cradle of Life debacle. Almost.

What do you think? Quemment below and let us know! Got some hot cosplay tips or someone you think should be featured? Quemment or drop me a line on Twitter! Want even more content like this? Get the TOKYOPOP newsletter delivered to your inbox!

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    Hi I’m a big fan of the site and wanted to submit my omega red cosplay. You can the image on my facebook page located