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TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #25


Jesus, you guys – it’s been quite the week. Rather than dwelling on all the negativity and awfulness that this world has to offer, let’s celebrate some of its simpler pleasures, like the perfectly crafted labors of love we’ve collected for you this week in TOKYOPOP’s Cosplay Friday. With the latest and greatest cosplay from around the web, this is guaranteed to cheer you up, at least for a little while.


Back in black and they look oh so good. Peep this pitch perfect Kuroshitsuji cosplay by’s Snowchild


Is there a Kamisama Kiss live action version? Nope, it’s just Yuegene‘s awesome cosplay.


Twinklee manages to capture the essence of Vash the Stampede’s classic pose in this pitch perfect Trigun cosplay. Great… now we want donuts.


Gumi may not be as high profile a Vocaloid as Hatsune Miku, but when you’re sportin’ a sword like this (modeled after “Karakuri Burst”), we’ll listen to whatever you have to say.


Geez, have you been living in a Cocoon or somethin’? Inushio‘s Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII) cosplay is the real deal.


Well, since real life has been pretty depressing lately, why not find solace in the historical fan fiction of SandLion-Curse’s Axis Powers: Hetalia cosplay?


Life was so much simpler when a magical girl could just swoop down and save the day. We need you now, Cardcaptor Sakura!


“Stop it. Seriously, stop it. I’m the goddamn Batman, Harley, so I don’t have time for your shit.”

Which witch is this? None other than the lovely Ichihara Yuuko from xxxHOLiC fame. Kudos to arienai-ten on the stellar cosplay.


Is there a rift in the space-time continuum between our world and Bioshock Infinite? Because we’re pretty sure that LaynesLionRedCat is Rosalind Lutece come to life.

What do you think? Quemment below and let us know! Got some hot cosplay tips or someone you think should be featured? Quemment or drop me a line on Twitter! Want even more content like this? Get the TOKYOPOP newsletter delivered to your inbox!…

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