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TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #2


It’s almost the freakin’ weekend, y’all, so we’re coming hot and fresh out of the cosplay kitchen, about to have us some fun! Welcome to the second installment of TOKYOPOP‘s Cosplay Friday, your one-stop shop for all the latest and greatest cosplay from around the web.

The only thing missing from knivelajfao’s Raiden (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance) cosplay is an exploding helicopter, guard or watermelon that has been rent asunder.

 Challenger Approaching! A new foe has appeared in the form of e3Studios’ Sheik (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time).


You gave BaneDog a Milkbone? And you think this gives you power over him?


We trust that there won’t be any OBJECTIONS to this Phoenix Wright and Mystic Maya (Ace Attorney) cosplay from AnyaPanda.


Grab some pills, Rochelle! Not even the power of Midnight Rider’s killer licks can save you from this Left 4 Dead cosplay.


It’s somewhat reassuring to see that even a ubiquitous digital being like Hatsune Miku can be turned into a flesh-eating monster. Who knew that Vocaloids could be zombified? Appartently Endless-Happiness did.

Say, Mister J, wouldn’t some Arkham City Harley Quinn cosplay just float your boat? What if she even brought a bat for the Bat?


By day, she’s the Wretched Egg. By night, she’s the Red Man. We think she might need a new moniker by day, but this Deadman Wonderland cosplay from Big-Pao is good at any time of day.


Sweet Chimichangas! The Merc with a Mouth has never looked better than in this Uncanny X-Force cosplay from Gl10.


By the power of Greyskull! This Lady Skeletor cosplay from Freddie Nova has more awesome power than the rest of the Masters of the Universe combined!

What do you think? Quemment below and let us know! Got some hot cosplay tips or someone you think should be featured? Quemment or drop me a line on Twitter!

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  1. Vincent S says:

    Hmm, I think the reason why Nerdist Industries has no anime corner is because, maybe, noone has offered a writing or podcast format to Chris. The ridiculously broad spectrum that the Nerdist website has right now (Gaming, Sex & Relationship, Books, Cosplay, Comedy, etc.) is HUGE but I don’t think he minds just adding more to that. Listening to his podcast, he has some connection to anime but I don’t think he’s an otaku.

    It’d be awesome if Chris got someone to write anime stuff for him and he’ll just let them write whatever fancies them because that’s been happening to most of the writers here. He tried to get one of the Nerdist fans to make an arts and crafts podcast when she was a guest in the podcast… anything can happen.

    If enough people write about anime requests on the Nerdist podcast or the youtube channel, he’ll probably try to get someone on board.

  2. Xeroz says:

    All these anime cosplayers, and still no show that covers anime?
    Not even just occasionally?

    I personally feel that Nerdist is lacking in this area.
    And, yes I know it may be a ‘niche’ audience, but doesn’t that make it even more ‘nerdy’? Something that most of mainstream society just doesn’t get. Yet in itself has a broad range of fans. Everything from One Piece’s seemingly never-ending adventures, Gundam’s countless series of larger than life Mech’s, the ongoing knuckle-head ninja saga that is Naruto, to timeless action classics like Cowboy Bebop. And even newer stuff like Fairy Tail, High School of the Dead, Soul Eater, Bleach, & Skiki.
    Side note – If you like zombie / thriller stuff ckeck out Skiki & High School of The Dead.

    It just seems like if there are ppl who like seeing & hearing about others in cosplay then there ‘might’ be just as many interested in anime. Considering how many ‘cosplayers’ are dressed up as anime characters.

    Not trying to be pushy, but at least let ppl who might be interested in anime know that on occasion they might get more than just a, “Hey, here’s a picture of someone cosplaying as that anime character you like”. Maybe while everyone is at any given ComiCon they could do a section of a podcast with someone in the Anime industry… from what I hear, there’s almost always ppl like that at almost any Con.

    If you’re at least taking the time to read this, you have my thanks.
    If you’d at least consider what I’ve said, I’m sure you’d make more than just me happy.

    Thanks for your time,