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TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #15


Cosplay Friday is back with a vengeance! Well, not really – there’s no particular vendetta or blood feud that warrants sweet, sweet revenge, but it sounded pretty dramatic, you have to admit. Like we said, it’s Cosplay Friday, your one-stop shop for the latest and greatest cosplay around the web, so let’s kick back, relax and have ourselves a visual feast.


The secret to a good Marshall Law (Tekken) cosplay is being so cold that your nipples could cut diamonds. Also having certifiably ripped abs helps too.


Sheryl, you jest! No kidding, this Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier) cosplay is one of the best that I’ve seen.


Finally, Final Fantasy IX‘s supremely annoying/supremely scary Black Waltz III gets a little bit of cosplay love courtesy of’s shazzsteel.


Thanks to Kirawinter, we get a Vocaloid double whammy featuring Kaito and Hatsune Miku in their “Love is War” get-up.

If 0kasane0 is Wong, we don’t want to be right. Jesus, that hurt to type, but just pretend that didn’t happen and heap praise upon this Ada Wong (Resident Evil 6) cosplay instead.


We love ourselves some Adventure Time and these Fionna and Marshall Lee cosplayers hit the nail on the head. Now can we please get Kumail to cosplay as Prismo already?


DaisyDa offers up a pair of brooding badasses in this awesome Final Fantasy VII cosplay. If they pouted any harder, the lens would start frowning until it turned into a fisheye.


Oh, Gaara (Naruto), if only you’d had a blog then maybe you wouldn’t have murdered the ever-loving heck out of those people in the Chuunin Exam.


The Nerdist Channel’s own Linda Le (Just Cos) makes Natasha Romanoff look good in this bishoujo variant.


Some seriously awesome Daria cosplay and then it’s 911 in the morning and 1-900 in the evening. The phone sex/E.M.S. dispatcher when Sick, Sad World returns.

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