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Toast Your Favorite GAME OF THRONES Characters with Westeros-Inspired Wine

The great houses of Westeros don’t agree on much in Game of Thrones. They’re too busy plotting and trying to gain as much power as possible to have any civil discussions. However, if you went door to door across the lands and asked each house to name something they enjoy, I imagine several of them would mention wine. And also possibly killing and weaponry, but let’s focus on the alcohol!

Wine is present at meals and meetings across the realm, and it only makes sense that there would be a collection of Westeros-inspired wines. Though official Game of Thrones beer exists, wine’s not on the market yet. Advertising agency Common Ventures has taken it upon themselves to come up with some concept beverages to get juices flowing.

Westeros Wine 2

The unofficial and fan-made project features 12 houses and 12 beautifully simple labels. Wines in the series were inspired by houses such as the Starks, Targaryens, Greyjoys, and Lannisters. The Wines of Westeros even goes beyond the borders of the Seven Kingdoms to feature the Wildlings, White Walkers, and Dothraki. Each house or group gets a label inspired by its sigil, and varietals from shiraz to chardonnay are featured. I think Tyrion Lannister would like one case of each.

Westeros Wine 3

While the bottles of wine aren’t available for purchase now, it seems like Common Venture may be considering production. Click the pre-order button on each page to be notified when and if the wines are available for order. They’ll send a raven. You don’t have to commit to anything or provide payment so perhaps they’re gauging interest? I admit I’d buy a bottle or two just for the labels.

Westeros Wine 4

If you could purchase a case of any of these wines, which house would you choose? I’m normally a Targaryen girl, but the Lannister wine is a Pinot Noir so I’m switching my allegiance. That’s apparently my price. Head to the comments and let us know about your picks.

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  1. Caitlyn says:

    I tried to go to the website, does it just not work or did we hug it to death?

  2. Neat idea. My concern is that some shit mass produced wine company (like yellowtail) will get the contract and not bother trying to make new wine but just pour their stuff into the bottles just to make a few more sales.