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Their seasons haven’t even reached the halfway point yet, but performance for TNT’s Sunday night fair has been so strong that the network has announced they’ve officially renewed hit series Falling Skies and The Last Ship. The sad news, however, is that the next season of Falling Skies will be its last. In regards to episode count, the network stated Falling Skies would receive 10 episodes for season five while The Last Ship will receive 13 for season two.

“The Last Ship has become this summer’s top drama among key adult demos with its epic scale and visceral storytelling,” said Michael Wright, president, head of programming for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies (TCM), “and Falling Skies has begun an ambitious and thrilling story arc this summer as it sets the stage for next year’s climactic final season.”

The Falling Skies news, while sad, is not surprising. The series has had a decent run and there are only so many ways the Second Mass can continue taking on the Espheni alien force that’s invaded earth. Despite decent ratings and the show being a somewhat of a cash-cow (TNT is also the producing studio and owner of secondary distribution rights), TNT must recognize that eventually, the show needs to come to an end.

What do you think about Falling Skies ending next year? Have you been watching The Last Ship? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. maritza says:

    Oh! my god I love this show, it keeps me stuck to my just keeps getting better with every episode. Love the story, hey you never know whats out there in real it.sed that after season 5 is over.that sucks.all 5th cast was super awesome. .

  2. Falling Skies wasn’t bad in the first two seasons but it’s sort of become a parody of itself at this point. It’s just … boring. People talk and talk and talk, and have overly schmaltzy moments where they hug and stare wistfully into the near distance, and then talk some more, and often that is pretty much the entire week’s episode. The only somewhat compelling characters are Pope and the colonel. Lexi was a huge mistake, plot wise, in my opinion, and now they’re stuck with it until the whole shebang is finally over.

    • chris says:

      I agree with you, all talk no action.  They talked about goingto the moon for three episodes.  There are milking it to season ending.  I’m glad there is only one more season.  this season was the worst.  The series had so much potential.  To much talking bs and no action.  Disappointing!

  3. Jeff Render says:

    If it is true that all good things come to an end , then Falling Skies will be on forever. The writing has been marginal at best. Noah Wyle’s overacting comes across as a passive aggressive imbecile who would risk the fate of the entire human race for the sake of his own selfish desires and ego. He and his butt kissing buddy Weaver should have been killed off before the end of the first season. Neither one is believable at all as a leader. The Mason kids should just be smacked upside their obnoxious heads. Pope is the only one that seems to have any common sense. I love sci-fi, and I always liked Noah Wyle, but with each passing episode I wonder why I still watch it, and when will my patience for it to get better pay off.

  4. Pottery56 says:

    I enjoy both shows. Falling Skies has been a pretty good show from the start. The introduction of the Volme was a great idea. The characters and situational stories have developed nicely over time.

    I also enjoy The Last Ship. Frankly, it is much better than reviewers would have had me believe after the pilot. I’m looking forward to another series of shows!

  5. R Page says:

    I enjoy the show but this season is getting kinky.  The Lexi thing in my opinion is off the wall and taking it in the wrong direction.  I think it’s time to end it somehow.

  6. kcf says:

    That’s a good call for “Falling Skies”.  They can bring the story to a reasonable end.  Unless they intend on resurrecting it for a possible cable movie deal, of course.  I’m trying to give “The Last Ship” a chance, but the awful writing and with the whole Parachute-Sails-To-Move-The-Ship thing on the last episode, I’m finding it hard to keep my interest.  And who in the hell drinks Coors?  Seriously, Coors is horrible.

    • Dave says:

      LS is pure comedy genius, probably by accident. The praying sequence for the wind did it for me.
      Though, surprisingly the kite sails weren’t that far fetched. They actually exist – though apparantly you use one, it’s not deployed with a gun, usually is used with an engine and is computer controlled.
      Look up ‘SkySails’ !!

  7. I love them both. And I think it stinks tthat once you get used to a new show, the networks take it out of the line up by canceling it. This is why I dont wanna watch alot of t.v. anymore, because of that. 5 seasons is way too short.

  8. Patrick says:

    I liked “Falling Skies” until this recent season. Just not my cup of tea.”the Last Ship” is fantastic.

  9. ktward says:

    Perhaps HBO and AMC have forever ruined me, but trite melodrama and overacted cheesy dialogue just don’t do it for me anymore no matter how intriguing the plot’s premise.

    FS: My interest has admittedly waxed and waned every season, but two episodes into this season and I’m officially done. It’s just too stupid to hold my interest for one minute more. Have at it, Espheni.

    TLS: I dunno. The premise is intriguing enough to keep me watching. So far. But seriously, any more over-produced silly diatribes about how “god meant for this to happen/meant for me to be on this ship” and I’m washing my hands of it. Spruell’s the only cast member who’s not a B-list hack.

  10. Jason Rashid says:

    Love Falling Skies and wish it would continue on more than just one more season. The Last Ship is awesome and I’ll keep watching as long as it’s on.

  11. and I also like the last ship to

  12. I wish that falling skies would continue also I think that they can go in so many directions with the 2nd mass also

  13. Brian Jarman says:

    I think one more season for falling skies is just right. It can’t go on forever and the story line, while highly entertaining, does seem like it’s running out of places to go. All good things must end, and let’s end this one while it’s still good…before it gets old and stagnant. 

  14. Tina says:

    I think Falling Skies should end this season. How many years can you watch them fight the same aliens.  I love The Last Ship.

  15. Anthony says:

    I knew the end was coming for Falling Skies I just wish the season lasted longer

  16. karrie says:

    I can not believe that they only renewed falling skies for one more season. This sucks. I agree with marjorie. I got into falling skies and revolution and they have to be cancelled. You have people out here who love those shows. Tnt does not know what they are doing.

  17. Laken says:

    I love Watching #falling skies

  18. Marjorie says:

    I think it sucks that everytime I get into a great show like Falling Skies and Revolution they feel they have to end it. Yet they keep going on survivor and Naked Jungle crap. I like sci-fi weird movies and not reality shows. I swear I’m going to stop watching new series that they can pull from me!!!!

    • karrie says:

      I agree with you. Tnt does not know what they are doing.

      • Gaz says:

        I disagree, while i do enjoy falling skies and the last ship, it is refreshing for a studio/show to go out while it’s still liked and producing quality episodes, there are five seasons of falling skies… at least TNT have the decency to give an excellent show 5 years of screen time.

        If you think you’re being badly done to come speak to all the fans of Almost Human, Jericho, Jeremiah, The Journeyman, or any show that has ever aired on Fox that’s not the simpsons!!

    • June says:

      yes I hate those stupid reality shows they put something good then cancel it wtf is wrong with them????

  19. Sad to find out about Falling Skies, but its time. There’s only so much you can do before becoming an “in your face” cliche. 

  20. Dan Douglas says:

    Love both shows – wish Falling Skies would continue !

  21. Was hoping for a longer run for Falling Skies. But the Last Ship is great. 

  22. I’m glad that Falling Skies will continue w/Season #5>>but I think that it can go on>>so many directions it can take!!! It’s sad that they won’t renew after #5!!! I like Last Ship>>but JUST how long can they survive on a many seasons b4 they all go crazy going in circles on the ocean>>and if they do dock somewhere>>>>will anyone that is alive be sane>>or what can they think of to write that’s interesting enuf if they make a cure for the virus>>>just evday life back to normal??? It Seems that future is boring considering what the show has been about! I would rather have “Falling Skies” continue>>>it has been interesting w/all the turns it has taken so far & continues to keep our interest!!! I hope they think again about cancelling Falling Skies after the next Season!!! PLEASE RECONSIDER! Pam

  23. anna says:

    i have not missed an episode of falling skies sense it started.i am not a fan of the last’s not fair i love falling skies and all three of my kids love and watch it as well.

  24. I would rather a series end early but well, than later and crappy.

  25. Louie says:

    I’ve been kind of iffy with this season of Falling Skies. While I enjoy the prisoners in the ghetto plot line, I am not liking the other two plot lines (youth camp, and the Zen oasis). I feel like they might have jumped the shark with the magical girl with impossible blonde hair trope. Still, I have been watching, just to see how the story plays out. And I will probably watch Season 5.

    • Claudia says:

      Don’t get me wrong her, I LOVE Falling Skies.  But it seems like they have definitely ripped of Stargate with the advanced human-alien child, who is destined to lead the invading forces!

  26. Daryl Molen says:

    I have been watching The Last Ship… mainly for background noise while I’m online.