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Titus Andromedon is Sentenced to Litchfield in MovieFone Parody Trailer

Evidently, folks, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Orange is the New Black take place in the same universe. At least, that’s what MovieFone would now have us believe.

Despite what Marvel may want us to believe, not EVERYTHING has to be a shared universe. Word on the street is that they are making Transformers into some sort of shared universe. The same with Ghostbusters. Occasionally, it’s perfectly fine for a property to rely on its own merits. There’s no need to worry about what you have to see first, or what’s coming next. Look at John WickNo big universe there. Just Keanu Reeves kicking butt.

That’s what I used to believe. That is, until MovieFone presented this parody trailer combining two Netflix series. NO, it’s not Daredevil and  AKA Jessica Jones. The second one hasn’t even come out yet! No, I am talking about Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Orange is the New Black. MovieFone used this genius invention called “technology” and inserted Kimmy’s Bestie Titus Andromedon (played by Tituss Burgess) into a trailer for OITNB passing him off as Litchfield’s newest inmate. From the looks of it, not only would he fit in seamlessly, but given time would end up being in charge of the whole place.

Titus isn’t the only one crossing over. Watch this parody video which has Mad Max: Fury Road‘s Imperator Furiosa starring in Kimmy Schmidt.

All episodes of Orange is the New Black Season 3 start streaming Friday, June 12, on Netflix. Seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming.

All Season 1 episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are currently streaming.

So what did you think? Are you upset that this is just a parody and these characters don’t really interact with each other? What OTHER Netflix series would you like MovieFone to combine next? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below.

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