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Episode 136: Thrilling Adventure Hour
The Robot Rogues in …

Thrilling Adventure Hour #136: The Robot Rogues in “Distrustified”

Starring Steve Agee as Alloy Roy; Rebecca Mader as Steel Magnolia; Carlos Alazraqui as C.H.A.R.L.I.E.; Noah Segan as Buck 209; Chris Tallman as Low Down Ralph; Matt Gourley and Mark McConville as the Low Down Ralph Gang; Mark Gagliardi as Croach the Tracker; and Marc Evan Jackson as Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.

Recorded June 1, 2013.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Host Gator is not the world’s worst product name. The world’s worst product name is “No No!”, the hair removal product for ladies that you see on terrible informercials on the weekend.. I swear to god, it sounds like something you’d use to make your pets not pee on the carpet. What the hell were they thinking? At least Host Gator has the word “host” in it, so I have an idea of what it is. Not that I need it, I’m good with my homegrowns, thanks.
    Anyway, fun show this time!

  2. Illusion-XIII says:

    Which is more predictable, the person complaining about waiting a whole extra minute to get his free thing which is free that he doesn’t pay a dime for… or the person sarcastically pointing it out?

    Awesome podcast, awesome story arc, keep ’em coming. Croach never ceases to be hilarious.

    • Robut11 says:

      Counter point- or is it even more predictable that You offer up the “free thing” defense so you can “defend” a thing that doesn’t need it – In the hopes the pretty girl in hs might notice you syndrome.
      She doesn’t care.
      And Thrilling Adventure hour doesn’t need your help either.

      It wasn’t an attack- I don’t like that I am forced to listen to the intros if I don’t want to- Host Gator Is a stupid name.
      Opinions- that’s all.
      Are you really going to debate these things?
      Just allow someone their relatively mild comment and move on.

  3. Robut11 says:

    You can’t fast forward through the intro anymore?
    Seems very of you.
    Sorry I just don’t care to hear about ‘host gator’
    Host gator- just the worst name.
    Is this a cottage industry from the Duck Dynasty people?

    Thanks for the episode- but I needed to vent.

  4. Alec says:

    Poor Roy. 🙁