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Three New DOCTOR WHO Clips Show a Very Dark Twelfth Doctor

From the trailers we’ve seen of Doctor Who‘s new series, Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor looks to be a bit of a darker, less feeling, perhaps angrier Doctor. A short report by BBC News’ Lizo Mzimba shows a couple of clips that look like, yes, he’s a lot bristlier than any of the Doctors we’ve seen in the new series. What did we expect from the man who played the shouty, sweary Malcolm Tucker on Armando Iannucci’s The Thick of It and In the Loop? He’s not going to be all hearts and flowers now, is he? Have a look at the piece.

It begins with the “Tell me, am I a good man?” scene which we’ve seen before, and Clara’s response of “Don’t know,” but in this we get to see the next little bit, where the Doctor looks annoyed that she doesn’t have an answer for him. Almost like a “What good are you?” facial expression. A bit harsh, but if this Doctor is going to benefit from anyone’s interaction, it’s probably going to be with Clara, easily one of the most feeling companions on the new series.

The next little bit comes from a Dalek episode (still no title released) featuring guest stars Michael Smiley and Zawe Ashton. In it, we understand the role Clara will play for this Doctor; not a companion, not an assistant, but a “carer,” the one who shows emotion to keep the Doctor’s morality in place. He’s apparently not at all empathetic. We then see him fascinated by the idea of a Dalek that has become so warped that it’s actually GOOD. That’s something we haven’t really seen since, well, Oswin “Souffle Girl” Oswald. That’s very interesting. Quite.

How are you finding this new, darker Doctor? He still seems like the Doctor to me, but he’s definitely going to be less goofy and jovial. I’m okay with that; are you? Let’s talk below!

HT: Doctor Who TV

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  1. Whovian says:

    It clearly states “Into the Dalek” on the embedded video title. That’s the name of the episode, folks. “still no title released”?

  2. Hafsa says:

    Actually the title for the clip with the Dalek is “Into the Dalek” it has been confirmed.

  3. So Clara is Watson to the Doctor’s Sherlock, BBC style. Got it.

  4. I am looking forward to the new Doctor

  5. Mark Chapman says:

    love it hes got darker though he is a bit more Eccleston,Hartnell and McGann and even Colin Baker

  6. Johnathan says:

    If my understanding is correct, and it usually isn’t, the laws of Dr. Who are this: A Time Lord is born essentially as old as he will ever be and becomes YOUNGER with each new regeneration.  Matt Smith was given the pleasure of being the Doctor at his (relative) youngest.  SPOILERS: after having his regenerations reset he is now the oldest he will ever be, again.  Capaldi is hardened, aged… grizzled even.  I think that whether it is enjoyable or no he is doing this exactly right.

  7. IMFarticus says:

    Still The Doctor, just another aspect of living over 900 years! I’m intrigued…

    And about that 1996 “Dr. Who”, we’ve apologized for that piece of dreck several times…let’s move on, shall we? 🙂

  8. IMFarticus says:

    Still The Doctor, just another aspect of living over 900 years!  I’m intrigued…

    And about that 1996 “Dr. Who”, we’ve apologized for that piece of dreck several times…let’s move on, shall we?   🙂

  9. Lucius says:

    Well…For starters, I will begin my disappointment in Moffat for casting a previously used actor to play the Doctor.  Not only that, but an actor who already played a person of questionable character in the Doctor Who universe.  Peter Capaldi played in the Pompeii episode as a Father of the only surviving family of the disaster, but he then played a man in Torchwood who after meeting with the aliens who wanted to steal all of the children on Earth, killed his entire family and then himself.  Bad decisions Moffat.

    Other than that, people far and wide have missed the nature of the past three Doctors.  Ecleston (9th) was the careless joker, mainly because he had not yet remembered, or chose not to remember, what he had done to Gallifrey.  Tennant was the dark Doctor.  He was the darkest of them all to date, even though he had a very goofy way of expressing the darkness.  Yes, he joked and has a funny demeanor, but he was a very dark Doctor.  Smith started almost child like, but after realizing that all of his companions and friends would eventually die and he would be left to die alone, he became a dark Doctor that ultimately pushed aside his love for Humanity simply so he could be alone.  Another funny demeanor, but dark nonetheless.

    Capaldi seems like he is too confused to be The Doctor.  He seems to be a dry Doctor, but not so dark.  He might start out as a bit dark in his first episode, but I believe he will be the dark acting Doctor that is not really dark at all.  He is going to play the knight in shining armor doctor that looks like a punk/emo/steampunk/confused kid.

  10. ARch9enius says:

    THe Doctor does need some silliness to relieve things, especially against some of the scarier stuff…
    THe 9th? (Ecclestones) Doctor had a thin veneer of silliness to offset his general angryness… it probably kept newcomers to the series guessing as to his good/bad ness

  11. Iain Closs says:

    I saw the premier in Cardiff on thurs and I think people are in for a pleasant suprise, I’ll say not more though

  12. iain says:

    I was at the premier in Cardiff, I can honesty say you are in for a present surprise, I’ll say no more though

  13. ARch9enius says:

    Heres’ hoping the (13th?) Doctor has some silliness.. His first lines on the series seemed to suggest so.
    The 9th Doctor could get/was pretty angry, but had a silly side as a rather shallow facade. It lightened things up a little and probably had newcomers guessing if he was the good guy or not.

    ^<<<PS what the hell is this green thing?

  14. madison says:

    I cant wait. Its going to be amazing and im happy to see a less empathetic doctor

  15. Jon says:

    The Doctor started off as a cantankerous old man, and now he’s returning to form.  Only now without the patience his enemies have abused for hundreds of years. 

    I have a feeling we’re in for a cynical doctor, and that’s precisely what the series needs.  He’s been way too “up” since the reboot.  Even Eccleston was clownish in his way.  But Capaldi is used to playing a right bastard, and he does it well.

  16. Shirley says:

    When does the next season/series start?

  17. Shirley says:

    When does the next season start? 

  18. I LOVE that it is getting back to the Doctor I remember before the 9th Doctor going to the first he was not all flowers and sunshine even the fourth Doctor had a dark side Thank you for bringing back the not pretty boy and I hope the story lines go along with the personality change. I also don’t want to see Clara trying to change him to be a better man we saw that n the second and third doctor

  19. Judy says:

    He seems to be acting like the Doctors of Old…(lol like when I was growing up)   Looking forward to the “new” series…(is it Aug 23 yet???)

  20. Not all Americans think that way Thank You Very Much. I for one do not yes I am 100% American

  21. The War Doctor the one who started the time wars was not an incarnation he started the time wars before that he wasn’t called the Doctor it was after he left after he set off the bomb that he call himself The Doctor in the 50th the counsel just says is it him and oh no it’s him he wasn’t named 

  22. Matthew says:

    I really wouldn’t say Eccleston softened, he was a man haunted by memories of the Time War, and that is why he chose to save as many people/aliens as possible, whereas Smith had forgotten THAT Doctor, forgotten what he did, and thus acted irresponsibly, although I wouldn’t say he threw tantrums.
    You may disagree, but you mustn’t forget Eccleston only had one series to work with.
    I also note that that is not the point of the article, and I don’t want an argument, merely to offer yiu a comparative viewpoint. I look forward to Capaldi with great anticipation!

  23. Jon says:

    The BBC has nowhere near the budget American TV has.  And the Doctor today gets an astronomical budget by comparison to what it used to get.  Just watch the first 3 doctors and you’ll see things like teacher’s desk chairs on the bridge of futuristic space ships.  School PA microphones, vacuum tubing, all sorts of things barely disguised.

    But American sci-fi isn’t always that much better.  Watch ST:DS9 when they’re in Dr. Bashir’s medbay.  The wall panels are actually plastic forklift pallets. 

    You’ll see the same pallets on the back of consoles in Dr. Who, on the walls of Babylon 5, and in practically every modern sci-fi show you can think of.  The same goes with bottle totes (another warehouse item), you see those all over sci-fi.

  24. Arch9enius says:

    REally? ‘Cos it keeps coming up every time there’s a frikkin’ trailer

  25. Gort says:

    He didn’t start the Time War. He ended it.

  26. Shannon says:

    I thought he was going for “companion” but her joke surprised me.  Here’s hoping for more delightful, witty  surprises like this during the new era.