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THOR: RAGNAROK Offers First Look at Anthony Hopkins’ Odin

Great Odin’s Raven! Today’s Movie Morsels hath enough magic to traverse the Rainbow Bridge and fill the hallowed halls of Asgard itself! That’s because we’ve got the latest on Thor: Ragnarok, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Kubo and the Two Strings, some heretofore unseen concept art for Captain America: Civil War, and much more…

Thor: Ragnarok

When we last saw the mighty Allfather of Asgard in Thor: The Dark World, he had, unbeknownst to the God of Thunder, been dethroned by Loki, who disguised himself to look like his father and rule in his place. And just where did Thor’s evil brother hide Odin? Well, looking at the latest photo to leak out from the Brisbane set of Thor: Ragnarok, it appears he was sentenced to Midgard’s New York City to live out his days as a homeless man! Then again, maybe I’m reading too much into this new pic of star Anthony Hopkins…


Kubo and the Two Strings
If, like many of us, you were blown away by Laika’s just-released stop-motion animated epic Kubo and the Two Strings, then you’ll want to check out a new video, courtesy of Wired, that explains how the fantasy film’s eye-popping opening scene was created…
Captain America: Civil War
Well, this is a surprise. Did you know that Scott Lang, a.k.a. Ant-Man a.k.a. Giant-Man, was originally to have sided with Iron Man in this year’s Captain America: Civil War? The news comes to us via Marvel Studios’ visual development supervisor and concept artist Andy Park, who’s just shared some of his original art for the film on Twitter. This particular piece finds Giant-Man tussling with Cap himself. I’m guessing this was done before Spider-Man was confirmed to be a part of the film, and was therefore not yet a guaranteed part of Tony Stark’s team…


For more Civil War goodness, JoBlo has a deleted scene from the film that can be found on its upcoming Blu-ray release. Though it runs barely more than half a minute, it further develops the character of Zemo and adds to the ambiguity of his family’s status in the film…



Transformers: Age of Extinction

We have a casting update for Jason Statham’s upcoming giant shark movie Meg. X-Men: Days of Future Past star Fan Bingbing was forced to drop out of the film because of scheduling issues. So Li Bingbing (no relation, and pictured above in Transformers: Age of Extinction) is now in talks to co-star in director Jon Turteltaub’s March 2, 2018 release.


The Monolith

The Monolith

Finally today… DC Comics’ The Monolith, from writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, has just been picked up by Lionsgate. Dave Wilson, the creative director of Deadpool mastermind Tim Miller’s Blur Studio, is slated to direct this adaptation of the series, about a superheroic Golem from the 1930s set loose on present day Brooklyn.

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Featured Image: Marvel/Disney

Images: Paramount Pictures, DC Comics

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