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This Week in Science: The Hottest Year and Tyson Picks Kirk

Digging through the web this week, I uncovered all this geeky goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a. Enjoy.

Science to Read, Watch

One of the coolest videos of moving murmuration information I’ve ever seen

When should the Anthropocene start?

Why Elon Musk Doesn’t Mind That His Rocket Crashed Into His Robot Boat

Great skepticism here: Skip Your Annual Physical

Hamster cheek pouches extend all the way to their hips. We know because we x-rayed them while eating

Want to see two neodymium magnets (kinda) make an apple disappear?

General Electric has gotten into the GIF game and it is *strong*

Honored to be quoted in this week’s eSkeptic on what we would need to make chemtrails make sense (but don’t have)

It’s official: 2014 was the hottest year on record

I have *never* seen this kind of octopus before. I’m actually astonished

This is literally where the smell of rain comes from

The real Paddington Bear *is* adorable but endangered

How many smells can you smell?

Turn over your glass of water. The water shouldn’t fall out, but it does. Why?

Veritasium gives a nearly perfect primer on quantum entanglement

This little alien has 32 different retinas

Do zebras have their stripes to help regulate their temperatures?

Is poker a game of skill, or a game of luck?

Fibonacci Zoetrope Sculptures

We have rediscovered the first plutonium human eyes ever saw

We are about to bring mass extinctions to the oceans, but there is time to change course

Sea turtles use their birthplaces’ magnetic signature to find their way back

Approaching Titan a Billion Times Closer

According to the best sources we have, how big do ocean leviathans really get?

Where do the myths of the hellhound come from?

Spent too much time preventing a tiny solar system from collapsing

A scientist’s 26-year journey to bring the microbiome to the forefront with an adorable squid

A sawzall made of shark teeth? Yes

I have never seen a crocodile gallop before

How to raise a human bot fly. You can’t unsee, but it’s fascinating and well-produced

Lizard penises evolve super-fast

A robot that swims as the cuttlefish

“Most mothers don’t take kindly to alien weaners prodding them for milk.”

Wow! I had no idea aphids could go through more than a dozen forms in a life-cycle

5 of Nature’s Most Brutal Bug Decapitators

The evidence is piling up that utahraptors hunted in packs

Guns set to kill more US youth than cars this year

You could use a huge metal bar, or you could use a giant boulder to stop cars

Snakes swim in sand better than sandfish

The first record of a birth of a thresher shark

Sparrows sing with context

Nobel laureates quickly illustrate their discoveries in crayon

A Half Century of Martian Invasions


Extreme Nerdery

Seven-Year-Old Boy Receives a 3D Printed STAR WARS Clone Trooper Prosthetic Arm

Who the fuck is my DND character

This is a guy beating a grandmaster version of Tetris *after* the credits with *invisible* blocks (1:11:00)

Stormtrooper Armor Saves Man From Snake Bite

How you could roll the most unlikely strike ever rolled

Ocarina of Time taught us about the physics of Parkour way before it was cool

16-bit Guardians of the Galaxy

Level UP

The quantum internet

Make-up artist turns herself into comic book art

3D print a Daft Punk Helmet!

Is it really “you” that steps out of a Star Trek transporter?

The biggest box office “boom” of the last 30 years was made 30 years ago

This medical patient has expressive aphasia, and is a real-life Hodor

30 Linkbait Phrases in BuzzFeed Headlines That Get The Most Shares

I make Neil deGrasse Tyson defend his his choice of Kirk over Picard!

My last video with Neil deGrasse Tyson: What aspect of science should we use daily?

There’s more science than ever in the new season of MythBusters, but it feels different

Settling the debate on trisaber utility

Schematics for all the ships in Star Fleet


Sciencey GIFs and Images

(Bird) archers ready?! Fire!!

I’ll scuttle away when they’re all gone…

Still one of my favorite photos of all time: The Ice Bear

She loves tong rides

A sawfish saw in action

The S-IVB third stage of the Apollo 12 Saturn V rocket just wanted to say hello again

Stay away from the humans hunny, those things are dangerous

Come here boy! Oh wait you’re a huge wolf

In the (cat) eye of the beholder

Favorite Star Wars GIF

The coma of a comet nucleus

So Siberian tigers are big

There is no horror for the worm greater than the leech

Holy s*** a “dehydrated” muscle

Gazelles are always jumpy because cats can fall from the sky

Again, you can’t outrun a bear. They are *fast*

It’s not curious, it’s triangulating before the strike

If M.C. Escher wrote IKEA instructions

A shovel-nosed snake swims through sand

This is the inside of a penguin’s mouth

Why the Inside of a Camel’s Mouth Looks Like a Sarlacc Pit

Yes, bring me all the snacks, my otter companion!

I made this GIF of a fully-fed, agitated, and swimming anaconda because it looks like Anaconda

Math you can’t unsee

More footage of the double-amputee with mind-controlled limbs

The biggest Jenga

Let mama bear help you

These lines are all straight. C’mon brain you can do this.

The hydrophobic nature of fire ants

Not exactly accurate, but this GIF of evolution in action is gorgeous

The most impressive opening toss?

Really can’t beat the space Vine

The Guardians of the Galaxy paid homage to the Pillars of Creation too kinda

Balloon popping race…Go! Laser wins!

Get enough comments on a Reddit post and someone will bring up Nazis


Pop Culture Happenings

If you have a STEAM account, here’s long long it will take you to finish it

Oh, the ‘Boy Who Came Back From Heaven’ actually didn’t? No way! I can’t believe it!

Huh. The Iron Maiden wasn’t really a thing

A chillingly distant account of the destruction left after our bombing of Hiroshima

This is the internet in real-time

Pope Says Climate Change Mostly Man’s Fault

Nietzsche Family Circus

New Climate Change Study Just 400 Pages Of Scientists Telling Americans To Read Previous Climate Change Studies

Wow I want a copy of “Art Forms in Nature

Ted Cruz is the last person who should control NASA’s funding

“Want to piss off someone for $9.99? Let us send them some stupid fucking glitter guaranteed to go everywhere.”

The robot and dinosaur-filled art of Simon Stalenhag is some my favorite ever

What It’s Like Living in the Coldest Town on Earth

Bowie through the years

Tyson Boop

MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO: A Visual Appreciation

MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO: A Visual Appreciation

World Penguin Day Reminder: Penguin Mouths are Nightmare Pits

World Penguin Day Reminder: Penguin Mouths are Nightmare Pits

The Religious Symbolism of the ALIEN Series

The Religious Symbolism of the ALIEN Series