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This Week in Science: Talking Squid and Glowing Dolphins

Digging through the web this week, I uncovered all this geeky goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a. Enjoy.

Science to Read, Watch

What is angular momentum anyway?

And the mother-of-the-year award goes to this horrible parasite

Social monkeys stay warmer

Bilingualism might not be all it’s cracked up to be for developing brains

Hungry hungry (cannibal) hippos

Have you ever seen a squid speak?

Chill out today by spying on some owls

Bulletproof Coffee: Debunking the Hot Buttered Hype

Hydrophobic sprays are OK I guess, but lasers do a much better job

There is no Geneva Convention for love. Should there be?

This video of a baby bird mimicking a poisonous caterpillar honestly made me wow

Watch a goshawk hunt from a camera mounted on it

Can we track elusive organisms based on the DNA they leave behind?

Is there more than one way to explode a star?

This spider wraps insects to death. Like a silk python

The Physics Girl teaches you how to make a ball rocket, out of balls

Building a sun in your backyard

Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation are betting on changing the world in 15 Years. Here’s how they want to do it

There’s no such thing as cold

Maybe we aren’t genetically modifying organisms *enough*

What are those white things bobbing up and down on this fly? Part of its clutch+transmission

“Existing evidence does not establish the superiority of Kinesio taping to other treatment approaches”

Try to say math isn’t beautiful after looking at these sculptures

You sneeze multiple times because your sneezes are weak

“A city of one million inhabitants flushes $13 million worth of precious metals down toilets on an annual basis”

What if snakes didn’t really lose any limbs at all?

Using credible counting methods, India now reports a huge spike in tiger numbers

These penguins make poop dirt that can tell us 40,000-year-old secrets

Pigeons don’t bob their heads if you put them on a treadmill. Fascinating!

Amazing visualization of how global average temperatures have culminated in 2014 as the hottest year

Those incredible wobbly guitar string videos are kind of lies

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Well, not really.

Beautiful footage of glowing dolphins by Ammonite Films

When you grow old, does you microbiome stage a mutiny?

What would happen to a human in a microwave?

This snail has weaponized insulin

This is a railgun. It fires projectiles at Mach 6 over 100 miles


Extreme Nerdery

Star Wars in feudal Japan

Cartoon laser physics

Legend of Zelda physics

Redditor maidenmanitoba burned the map of Middle Earth into the kitchen table

Say it in zombie font

You could walk up a staircase into space if you fill your backpack with butter

6 minutes of the Picard Maneuver

This is every lens flare in Star Trek Into Darkness

This May, The Phantom Menace will have come out closer to Return of the Jedi than to the present. Woah.

The universe might contain”TARDIS space.” Maybe. It’s cool regardless

The prolific abilities of Simpsons voice actors

Could Kool-Aid Man Break Through a Wall?

10 minutes of characters interacting with the interfaces from A New Hope

Climate change is going to sink Gullah Gullah Island

Modern lightsaber battles

Man turns coin into LOTR ring

Not proud of how funny I found this

Once we perfect commercial space travel, I fully expect America to act accordingly

What did we learn from the MythBusters Indiana Jones special? Fear the whip!


Sciencey GIFs and Images

That thing where you pick up a handful of crabs

Pretty sure entering this gyro cube could send you to that place in Contact

Redditor astropot made a of GIF of Jupiter’s triple moon transit

Blending magnets makes it look like the metal has pyrophoric properties?

Look at how much eye wobble your brain corrects for

The Internet never sleeps

I’m going to call this a baby cockroach purse

Evil penguins

Canadian photographer caught in a whale’s “poo-nami”

Amazing smoke ring fluid mechanics (and a dope mullet)

I’m sad that I won’t be around in a few billion years to say “hold on to your butts”

White blood cell recruitment towards tissue damage in the ear of a mouse

January 21, 2015 eruption of Volcán de Colima in Mexico

Stabilize the sky and it’s the Earth that moves! Lovely change of perspective

Mt. Taranaki from above is somehow even more pleasing

(Chameleon) haters gonna hate

A pufferfish deflates

Never seen footage of a glass caterpillar before!

A cerebral angiogram

That’s a lot of birds.

Physics vs. Engineering

Ever seen a pigeon do a backflip?

Captain, I think we are leaking octopus

Kinetic, mathematical sculptures blow me away

Well you can tell by the way I walk I’m a Frisky’s cat, no time to talk

Finally perfected the Vince McMahon android skeleton

A slime mold on the hunt

Always something bigger…

I’m athletic, sure, but I apparently don’t even know what core strength is

A sleeping lion


Pop Culture Happenings

This website lets you browse Reddit while looking like Microsoft Outlook

Blame Disneyland measles outbreak on anti-science stubbornness

Some dude named Lars is the best archer you’ll ever see. Seriously.

Here Are All the Senators Who Do and Don’t Believe in Human-Caused Climate Change

The John Oliver Effect

We still don’t get passwords. Like at all.

At least the Nessie ladle exists

19-year old animator spends 6 months making awesome DBZ-style short

Remember: Glitter-Bombing Is Sparkly, Fun, and Illegal

Dude photoshops himself into stock photos, because internet?

Alex Honnold, the world’s best free-climber, has balls of everything harder than steel

People are stealing content and Facebook is happy to make money off it. “Freebooting” needs to stop

I can’t even: Millennials will outnumber baby boomers this year

Trying this

Is it OK if I become a Canadian just for the passport?

Tyson Boop

Behold the Most Amazing D&D Map Ever Created!

Behold the Most Amazing D&D Map Ever Created!

These Leatherbound HARRY POTTER Books Come with Horcrux Bookmarks

These Leatherbound HARRY POTTER Books Come with Horcrux Bookmarks

7 Most Radical Guitar Scenes In Movies

7 Most Radical Guitar Scenes In Movies