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This Week in Science: Ouija Psychology, Tattoo Removal, and TNG in Cinerama

Digging through the web this week, I uncovered all this geeky goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a ∞. Enjoy.

Science to Read, Watch

Kinda awesome to see some of our greatest achievements in science as a wiki-list, like it’s nothing

It’s just cool to see the feather drop experiment here on Earth

Why do we fear Ebola more than driving?

That thing where a bit of your brain is removed and you no longer fear spiders

∞ How does tattoo removal work? Lasers destroy the metal with heat and then you poop it out

There’s a lump of hot metal in the basement of Chernobyl that could kill you in 300 seconds

Why are things creepy?

Scientists wear costumes too.

∞ This is a 4-acre spider web with 35,176 spiders per m^3

Burrowing owl has an urban home and is dorbs

Is a defibrillator drone a good idea?

Do Dogs Really Bite More People During Full Moons?

So you sink three pig cadavers in the cold water of British Columbia’s Saanish Inlet, what happens next?

Oysters are really really good at water filtration

Ebola: The Full Story

Goodness don’t get on a plane with the flu because this is how it spreads

What are the most cited scientific papers of all time? You’ve probably never heard of them

We’ve made stomachs in the lab. Functioning, pea-sized stomachs.

What can get rid of the coffee jitters? We really don’t know; we don’t study coffee enough

Yes, we might be able to feel the weather in our bones

∞ Watch how maggots help us solve crimes. Or not, it’s pretty gross

The sand from one beach in Cuba tumbles in a way we’ve never seen before

Ouija boards are still spooky when you know the answers ARE COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE. You…They come from you

What we *should* worry about with Ebola burning through West Africa

Not Everyone Wants to Be Happy

The amazing conductivity of graphene means that it turns into an ice knife with the heat of your hand

How memory and planning lets the early chimp get the fig

∞ Why Your Cat Thinks You’re a Huge, Unpredictable Ape

This is what it looks like to follow a lioness on a hunt

Your dog kicking its leg doesn’t mean it loves the belly rub; it thinks you are fleas


Extreme Nerdery

Two neuroscientists explain why zombies have so much trouble walking

You’ve made it Neil deGrasse Tyson. You’ve made it.

We named a new species of worm after the catbus, but this one shoots goo out of face cannons

∞ Still doesn’t help stormtroopers

Nostradamus was so vague that you can make him predict anything, even all of Star Wars

What are the scariest things that actually exist?

Zombie-cologne may be your best bet to stay alive in the apocalypse

You don’t know rainbows

The Slow Mo Guys perfectly capture how cool water tension is at this exact moment

Best Not To Think About Where Some Pokémon Items Come From

∞ Star Trek TNG *desperately* needs to be seen in Cinerama


Sciencey GIFs and Images

NASA Astronaut John W. Young photographs Challenger (STS-7) on June, 18th 1983 from the air

Ohhhhhhhhh. How angles are measured in radians

∞ An Etymological Map of the Brain

Sun glints off the hydrocarbon seas of Saturn’s moon Titan

What peanut butter and chocolate in a Reese’s looks like as physics

The incredible precision of an osprey during a dive

Tigers are like carnivorous submarines. With stripes.

A gallery of bugs that aren’t what they seem

∞ The winner’s of Nikon’s Small World microscope photography contest this year are incredible

That’s here, that’s home. The Earth seen from Mars

I’ll leave when the photographer is gone…

Dora: The largest-calibre rifled weapon ever used in combat

This is a tassled wobbegong shark. It is a master of lowering pressure

This says *what* about me!?

Decrease the road’s coefficient of friction, increase the tire width for stabilization, go drift on a bicycle

∞ Hot-fire tests on a 15,000-pound thrust class cryogenic technology demonstrator rocket engine

Klaus Leidorf’s image of a scrap tire yard

Ok, NEVER light a firework close to the ground. But….

Mercury frozen with liquid nitrogen

Norwegian newspaper has a fantastic vaccine comic

Refueling an F1 car is incredibly quick, precise, and dangerous

∞ Eel larvae look like glass ribbons

An atomic blast by the millisecond

Alright, I’m going to warn you first: Termite queens look like living pastries

Your keyboard characters are laser-etched, and the process is mesmerizing

This is why you don’t ride the submarine into the water

One half of all Americans live in the blue counties

Comet 67P compared to comets, asteroids…and the Death Star

A golden eagle’s point of view

It doesn’t matter what you do now, I’ve already won

∞ I will say it forever: Fireworks are *much* better in reverse


Pop Culture Happenings

Why Republicans Keep Telling Everyone They’re Not Scientists

∞ John Oliver interviews Dr. Jane Goodall

Why daylight saving time is pointless

Almost everyone is very wrong about the numbers behind the news

Google’s 360-Degree Seaview

Students react to seeing their science experiments explode on the Antares rocket

Vsauce shares some of the sci comm secrets that make his channel so successful

Fun infographic on how our favorite Halloween costumes have changed over the years

The on-site videos of the Antares explosion are incredible

∞ The worst album covers ever

What a teacher learned by shadowing a high school student for a day

Guess how much work it is to just color-correct a beauty commercial

The Pope moves quite a bit on evolution and the Big Bang, but won’t take that final, gap-closing step



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