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This Week in Science: ANT-MAN Quantum Mechanics and The First Science Talk Show!

Digging through the web this week, I uncovered all this geeky goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a ∞. Enjoy.

Science to Read, Watch

∞ When a bunch of medical students press their phones into bacterial growth media

It didn’t go as planned, but at least failure was an option for the latest SpaceX test

Really cool little interactive on how space images change with the light we look at (first picture)

New species of bat has quite the smile

∞ I ask Neil deGrasse Tyson about COSMOS, outreach, and hosting a science talk show!

Pufferfish won’t make great cars

Actually, go ahead and warm up your car in the winter, because engineering

Female ejaculation is a kind of urination

Researchers to test seismic sensors using the feetquakes of Seattle Seahawk fans

∞ This bizarre little primate looks like Yoda and has teeth like lances

Artists hack two moving faces with projection mapping tech

Why is the cold better at infecting cold noses?

“Everybody in high school thinks everybody else is having more sex and doing more drugs than they actually are

Soooo…we train monkeys to recognize themselves by burning their restrained heads with lasers? Ok.

Projection Mapping Tech Makes A Whole Forest Bioluminescent

∞ Can you really talk to your dog? Well, kinda

Nice people really do finish first

The yeast murderers within you

The biggest haul of marine reptiles in the world is for medicine that doesn’t work

A New Antibiotic That Resists Resistance

∞ “Brian Brown has found a phorid that beheads ants in an entirely new way

Acoustic levitators are now moving stuff around

An exquisitely evolved caracal slaps dinner out of the air

Why goes the disco clam go…disco?

A haul of utahraptor fossils might reveal group-hunting behavior

Huh. You might actually catch a cold if you’re cold

New exoplanet haul reveals more Earthlike planets

What makes a whale a whale? An involucrum for starters

∞ The Shocking Story of Electric Fish

Insecticide-treated mosquito nets are pressuring the bugs into evolution against them

“If we can’t move our faces, emotional memories are harder to hang onto

“In the simplest animal imaginable, sex can be wonderfully difficult to decipher.”

∞ Not all studies are equal

2014 was officially the hottest year on record

Help Veritasium take a risk by watching him explain why we hate to take risks

Buzzfeed helps you understand how many exoplanets we found last year by listing them all

Sorry Brick, it turns out that bears aren’t attracted to menstruating women


Extreme Nerdery

I guess the moral is that if zombies can parkour you are screwed

Ocarina of Time’s temples viewed isometrically

∞ Swimming on the Moon would be *awesome*

How to get the best TNG experience in 40 hours

Dude gets Quake to play on an oscilloscope

∞ Quantum mechanics may make Ant-Man the most powerful superhero ever

Scroll down. Have fun.

Top 10 Biggest Design Flaws In The U.S.S. Enterprise (kinda)

An interactive graphic of every hookup on Archer

“Minecraft” was the second most-searched term on YoutTube last year

∞ Let’s build a lightsaber in my latest Because Science!

Carl Sagan saying “billion” once. For an hour. That is all.

NASA just sold me on exoplanet tourism

Wanna trip poke balls?

Where people die in Snake

This professor is using Seinfeld to teach students about psychiatric disorders

Yes I want to shoot fireballs from my wrist, but IT’S NOT SPIDER-MAN OR GOKU JEEZ

∞ Be careful what you UV light for

Congratulations to recently knighted John Hurt, one of the only actors who has out-movie-died Sean Bean


Sciencey GIFs and Images

∞ Favorite GIF of the year so far: A stingray uses a ramp to say hello

Great infographic: Absolute hot to absolute not

Wow! A truck regurgitates the bar that stopped it dead

Ringside with Dione

∞ Weather radar picks up the Columbia shuttle disaster. Sad and incredible.

Have you seen a waterfall blow upwards?

∞ A really fast a NASCAR tire change needs inertia!

Teach a bird to fish…

Mario in real-life thinks everywhere is Bowser’s castle

∞ The liquid fuel in SpaceX’s Falcon 9 experiences microgravity

Steam-clean a tanker and close the valve. What happens when the air cools? THIS

Nicky Bay’s insect photography was stunning last year, as it is every year

A zombie before and after CGI

Have eggs, will travel

The Circle of Willis imaged with a Revolution CT scanner

How a river grows over 30 years

∞ Zooming out from a 1545-megapixel image of Andromeda

And this is your brain on Smith & Wesson 500

Looking at Earth through the only window not on it

∞ Amateur astronomer captures a time-lapse of Jupiter from Io’s point of view

A humpback whale blows bubble rings

Sometimes even flowing lava needs an energy drink

The machine that eats trees

NASA’s updated view of the Pillars of Creation is gorgeous

A BB breaks glass, millisecond by millisecond

Where 54% of US Population is

∞ This is what a flame in space looks like

The male araripe manakin had a mohawk way before it was cool

Redditor finds a tree inside a tree

When a fish casts a patronus charm

You don’t need a friend to help you move the table if it can walk

Simulation of a bullet ricochet off an aluminum plate

Is this little horse actually a strandbeest?

Pretty sure this GIF solves an old MythBusters quandary about a certain plane takeoff…

An optical illusion, step-by-step

∞ Ladybugs are the most Transformer insects

Actual Top Gun


Pop Culture Happenings

“You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?”

Holy crap that scene in A New Hope was a painting? MY CHILDHOOD

∞ The very first Commander Shepard was FemShep

Trapped In His Body For 12 Years, A Man Breaks Free

Cautiously optimistic: Promising no more fake shows on Discovery

After cremation, Andre the Giant’s ashes weighed 17 pounds

Cartoonists around the world respond

The top-viewed Wikipedia page for every day of 2014

∞ Who or what is responsible when robots break the law?

We should stop giving catch-and-release fish the bends

The Safest Thing to Do When You See a Deer in the Road: Hit it

Tyson Boop

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Originally Had an Insane Backstory

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Originally Had an Insane Backstory

Bigfoot Bundt Cake

Bigfoot Bundt Cake

The Vocaloid World of Hologram Performance Artists

The Vocaloid World of Hologram Performance Artists