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This Week at Nerdist Theater at Meltdown, aka NerdMelt!

Before I tell you about all the awesomeness we have in store for you this week, let me first do some horn-tooting, because we were voted “Best Place to Get Your Geek On” in LA Weekly‘s “Best of LA” issue. Hooray us! Now, onto some of the reasons we won such a coveted and specific title.

Tonight we have another live edition of Sex Nerd Sandra at 8pm!

This month, Sex Nerd Sandra discusses “Seduction 101” with Jordan Harbinger as well as comedian Dave Ross to talk about all things kink.
“Sex Nerd” Sandra Daugherty is the lead sex educator at Pleasure Chest LA and has been teaching sex and intimacy skill workshops for over two years, helping thousands of people improve their sex lives. Now The Nerdist’s own sexpert brings those skills to the back of a comic book store! Come and see the woman who brought you “The Crab Hand of Doom” & “The Clittiest Part of the Man-Clit” live and in person as she geeks out on the finer points of orgasming your life and answers your most intimate questions. Panel followed by audience Q&A.

Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 at the door!

Saturday night at 8pm is Left, Right, and Ridiculous with KPFK’s Jimmy Dore!

Join Jimmy Dore and a celebrity panel as they make fun of other celebrities, today’s news makers, and our favorite cultural jackasses, with a raucous blend of stand-up, sketch, and video clips of people saying some of he dumbest shit you’ve ever heard. A hilarious night of laughs, blasphemy and general disrespect! This month’s guests include Frank Conniff of MST3K, Eddie Pepitone, Paul Gilmartin of Dinner and a Movie, David Feldman, and Ben Zelevansky of KPFK! Proceeds from tonight’s show benefit fiercely independent 90.7 KPFK.

Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 at the door


Sunday at 5pm is the Nerdist Writers Panel!

Spend your Sunday afternoons learning from the best at the Nerdist Writers Panel! Join moderator Ben Blacker as he hosts esteemed panelists discussing topics like different types of writing, how they got started, what inspires them, the business side of writing, and more. Panelists will also answer your questions and give some helpful tips and tricks! This series is a must for any hopeful writer in LA, with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit 826LA.

Scheduled to appear:
Dan Harmon (return engagement of the creator of Community)
Chris McKenna (Community; American Dad)
Kyle Killen (creator, Lone Star; Awake)
Charles Murray (Castle; V; Criminal Minds)

Tickets are $15, and if you’re a visiting Syracuse University student with a valid ID, you can get your ticket at the door for $10!


Sunday at 7pm is Matt Mira’s Day Off!

Matt Mira of the Nerdist Podcast needs a Day Off, so we decided to give him Sundays at Nerdist Theater. Come watch Mira and Paul Cibis host this comedy free-for-all. You’ll see brand new comics, comics you know and love trying out new material (Chris Hardwick, Sean Patton, and Kumail Nanjiani have been known to drop in), and the magic that is live comedy.



Monday at 8pm is the return of Harmontown!

People always ask us “What is Harmontown?”, and that’s a tough question to answer, but here’s the closest thing we’ve got:
The countdown continues due to overwhelming demand: Attend a town meeting in a land free of brevity, where Mayor Dan Harmon (creator of NBC’s Community) and Comptroller Jeff B. Davis (Whose Line is it Anyway) take another small, drunken step toward colonizing the moon. Evening may include ineffectual rants, songs, shameful stories, special guests, forehead sweat and repeated exposure to the phrases “like” , “uh”, “sort of” and “you know.”.

Tickets are $10


Tuesday at 8pm is The Rejection Show!


Join host Jon Friedman, for NYC’s popular variety show, The Rejection Show as it makes its maiden voyage to LA.

Featuring the REJECTED material of:
Rob Delaney
Megan Amram
Todd Levin
Michelle Collins
Joselyn Hughes
With super fun surprises & videos!

The Rejection Show is a comedic based event that embraces the rejected and “turned down” material of writers, comedians, cartoonists, artists, and other artistic types whom display their creative and personal “failures” live on stage. It is a hilarious compilation of rejected material (personal and professional) and the stories that go with them. Hooray for failure!

Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 at the door.


Wednesday at 8:30 is The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail!

Our weekly standup show, hosted by Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani, welcomes Todd Levin, Michael Palascak, Prescott Tolk, Mike Holmes, Jay Larson, and a special guest or two….



And finally, on Thursday at 8pm is The Dork Forest with Jackie Kashian LIVE!

Jackie’s dork-on-dork dialog this episode is with Marc Maron (wtf). What is his “true” dorkdom? Is it scrabbling around peoples brains to figure out how they do life? Is it Japanese sneakers? We will find out. Jen Kirkman (Chelsea) will close the show with stand up comedy. Neat.

Tickets are $10!


That’s all for this week! Check us out at our site and on Twitter!

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    Got my ticket for the Writers Panel. So stoked.