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This Robot Dog Could Answer All Your Chihuahua Prayers

Are you one of those apartment dwellers that loves pets but aren’t allowed to have them in your home? Thanks to Osaka University in Japan, you might have the loophole you’ve been looking for.

Reported by Gizmodo, the above video was uploaded by Professor Koh Hosoda from the University. He is presenting the PneuHound, Hosoda Laboratory’s newest creation. In the past, we’ve shown you the innovations of Boston Dynamics and their amazing robots, which mostly use motors and servos, but Hosoda Labs is using a different approach with their robot design. Using Pneumatics, which are air-filled pistons, they are able to give the robot “artificial muscles” which makes them able to move faster and scamper about. One of the highlights of the video is the lab placing the Pneuhound on a treadmill, where it was able to reach speeds on 9.5 kilometers per hour (5.9 m.p.h.) While that doesn’t really sound all that fast, when you compare to previous “robot pets” we’ve seen, it’s doing all right for itself. Who knows? Maybe we’re finally at that future where robot chihuahuas are endorsing Taco Bell.

You can check out more from Osaka Laboratory, including other videos and projects they are working on, at their website here.

So what do you think? Would it be fun to have a little robot dog scampering around, knowing you don’t have to take him outside? Or would you be too afraid it would turn on you and rise against humanity? Let me know on Twitter or send Kyle Reese back in time to stop this robot dog menace in the comments below.

Image: Koh Hosoda

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