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This New THE LEGO MOVIE Video Will 100% Convince You to See It

Leave the cousins, nephews, and nieces at home: You won’t need to use them as cover to see The LEGO Movie, because the latest featurette for the forthcoming film is far from child’s play, as proven by the absurdly silly and pitch-perfect sense of humor conveyed in “Behind the Bricks.” This is one goofy movie — no, not that one — with a cast to carry it off. Just try and get through this whole thing without a giggle or wee chuckle, I dare you (Spoiler Alert: you’ll lose, because it’s impossible).

Instead of doing typical, junket-style in-person interviews with the voice actors to discuss their roles, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller took a far more inventive approach, opting for the Lego characters (sorry, “people”) portrayed in the film to talk about the actors voicing them. Quippy behind-the-scenes admissions from the likes of Chris Pratt (Emmet), Elizabeth Banks (Lucy a/k/a WildStyle), Will Arnett (Batman, because of course), Will Ferrell (President Business), and Charlie Day (Spaceman Benny) prove that this is a far smarter movie than any standard sort of children’s fare. I mean, they make Morgan Freeman read the damn phone book, for chrissakes. Just listen to that sweet molasses. You’re sold already, aren’t you?

The best thing about the featurette is undoubtedly seeing how well-cast each actor is for their respective role. Liam Neeson as the two-faced Bad Cop, Alison Brie as a unicorn cat, Nick Offerman the pirate — to say nothing of the fact that Arnett was likely born to voice that gravel-toned batdude — I mean, come on!


Should none of that entice you, you monster, perhaps the premise might. The featurette tackles the tale of ordinary LEGO-made-extraordinary, as Emmet must try and save the LEGO universe from being all glued together. Literally. Now stop being such a blockhead, LEGO of your apprehensions and any eyerolls that pun just caused you, and give in to these clever clogs already.

The LEGO Movie hits theaters February 7, 2014.

HT: Collider

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  1. Tyler says:

    Kevin Conroy will always be the best Batman! Also, nothing against any of the actors but, there are a huge number of professional VOICE ACTORS who would have done as good if not better of a job. (I’m still going to see it though for sure)

  2. Jim Jenkins says:

    I’ll be there!