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This Might Be the Biggest GAME OF THRONES Spoiler Yet

NOTE: Major, major, major spoilers ahead. You have been warned, and we swear by the old gods and the new we aren’t responsible if you travel beyond The Wall of this warning.


“What is dead may never die, but rises harder, and stronger.” From the first scene in A Song of Ice and Fire, that has always been true of Game of Thrones, and it seems as though the words of the Drowned God have never loomed larger than now.

It appears the great mystery about Jon Snow’s potential future with the story has come to an end, and to the surprise of few, it turns out our favorite crow’s story has only just begun.

The Daily Mail posted a photo that shows what looks like Kit Harington on set in Belfast, with a sword at the hilt, dressed not in the black of the Night’s Watch, but in attire that would look more at place in Winterfell.

HBO, the creators, and cast have insisted over and over again that Jon Snow is dead. Just last week at the Emmys, Maisie Williams made a point to say that not only was Jon dead, but that the interview where the 28-year-old Harington seemed to slip up and say he’d be with the show into his 30s wasn’t real.

Well, we can’t imagine too many scenarios where a former cast member returns to the set to just say hello while cosplaying as his old character (in a costume he never wore).

The truth is this feels less like a spoiler that Jon Snow is back in some capacity (Azor Ahai reborn?), and more like a spoiler because he does not appear to be wearing the blacks of his brothers. Jon Snow died, so has his sworn oath to the Night’s Watch ended?

Whatever his future ends up being, we’ll be here counting down the day until the season 6 premiere, while also silently muttering to ourselves about how George R.R. Martin should hurry up and release The Winds of Winter.

How does this apparently huge news change your theories about what is happening next? Let’s hash them out in the comments below.

HT: The Daily Mail
Image: HBO

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