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This Life-Size DAVID BOWIE Pillow Lets You Sleep with Him Every Night

One can buy all kinds of weird and cool custom items via Etsy shops; I mean, who doesn’t want a Pee-Wee Herman prayer candle with which to pray to Jambi the Genie? However, this latest item to turn up on Etsy might be the coolest one we’ve yet seen.

Proxy Shop have already made some cool items like a Cher throw pillow, a RuPaul doll pillow, and lots and lots of stuff with cats on them (it’s the internet, there has to be cats. It’s a rule). And now they’ve gone and made the ultimate David Bowie collectible, a life-size pillow shaped like Bowie himself in his “Aladdin Sane” glam rock era—complete with the bright red hair, pale face, and those “galaxy pants.” Here’s Proxy Shop’s official description:

The Lifesize David Bowie Pillow stands 66″ tall and is the ultimate gift for a David Bowie fan’s home decor.
Sit this Bowie doll onto a daybed or sofa, against a wall as a soft sculpture artwork or on the floor as a makeshift chair. Handcrafted from high quality printed fabric that is silky soft to the touch and backed with sturdy broadcloth, this tribute to David Bowie’s famous Ziggy Stardust costume is an utterly unique addition to any Bowie fan’s home.

This item is priced at $400, but if that’s a little too rich for your blood, the same seller has some identical half size pillows for a lot less money. There’s even some throw pillows with the Thin White Duke’s face on them for good measure. But for the hardcore Bowie fan in your life, this is the next best thing than getting to snuggle next to the man himself, and have him sing you “Space Oddity” to sleep.

HT: The Proxy Shop on Etsy via Dangerous Minds
Image Credit: The Proxy Shop

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