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This LEGEND OF ZELDA Computer Desk Is a Glorious Tribute to the Game

Although The Legend of Zelda has changed significantly since the original game came out in 1986, everybody’s who played any installment in the series has experienced the world Shigeru Miyamoto lovingly created for millions of players. It’s a game that builds a world that’s hard to leave, and for some people, like Redditor Mikhail27, it’s a game worth celebrating with a beautifully crafted tribute computer.


Although it’s difficult to see in the photo above (many more photos are available in the image gallery below), the desk is full of computer components housed in well-crafted cases that bear various Zelda insignia. A golden Wingcrest is displayed prominently closest to where the computer’s user sits, and there are tons of other symbols engraved into the other various computer housings, including the six Sage Emblems from Ocarina of Time.


Mikhail27 gave a bit of an impromptu AMA on the setup—which included discussion of the computer’s full specs—and said that much of the tubes for water cooling, and the blocks, weren’t necessary but were added to fill up the desk. The computer still packs some serious hardware, however, including 64GB of RAM, a high-end Nvidia GPU, and a whopping 32 terabytes of combined hard drive space.

When asked about the cost, Mikhail27 simply said it was “Too much,” although there’s no doubt he dropped a fat sack of rupees on this build. But he also said that he’d “take an old Zelda against the majority of [the games] coming out these days,” which means sitting behind that Wingcrest is probably priceless for him.

What do you think about Mikhail’s custom Zelda computer build? Talk like Navi in the comments section below!

Images: Mikhail27


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