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This July, Archie Dies!

They did it – the sons of guns really finally did it. After surviving the Punisher and “living” through a zombie plague, Archie Comics is killing the eternal teen in the pages of Life With Archie #36.

The publisher announced the move Tuesday, explaining that the alternate future story (Life With Archie is where this kind of stuff happens) would bring the series to an end, as Archie sacrifices his life saving a friend. It’s probably Reggie – that dude’s never up to any good.

Writer Paul Kupperberg is handling the script, and as Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater explained to CNN, this story should have some finality with fans:

“This isn’t a story we’re going to retcon a few weeks from now. This happened. This is the conclusion to the Life With Archie story and timeline, and it will allow us as a company and the world to take a moment to look at Archie’s life as a whole and recognize him as one of the most important characters — not in just comics — but in popular culture.”

The issue will have a collection of variant covers – naturally – which you can see below. Personally, I dig Francavilla’s the most.

Later today, Comic Book Club will discuss the pending Death of Archie — stay tuned to for that and more….

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  1. Mari Cook says:

    Let’s make a campaign to save Archie to being murdered. Why kill him?

  2. Kitty says:

    Alex Ross’ cover is cool in a creepy way. Interesting choice for the company. Archie was part of the lives of several generations of folks.

  3. erin says:

    is this an april fool? i know it isn’t cool, but i love archie! i found some old ones when i was kid and that’s how i got into comics.

  4. David says: