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This is What the Darth Maul Game You’ll Never Get To Play Looks Like

The May issue of Game Informer tracks down the story of a Darth Maul game that got the axe at developer Red Fly Studios – including concept art.

According to the story, the untitled project would have been a character action game inspired by Rocksteady’s Arkham games.

The project never made it past the concept stage, but seemed like another attempt – like the cancelled Boba Fett game, Star Wars 1313 – to poke around the darker corners of that universe. There was no story in place, but based on the images, it looks like Red Fly wanted to populate the game with plenty of Sith for the Episode 1 heavy to go up against.

Alas, we’ll never know.

You can check out more of the character designs and environment art at Game Informer.



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  1. Tyler Watkins says:

    Let the hate flow through you!

    Maul was legit, Qui Gon Jinn was not known for his saber skills, nevertheless he was a Jedi Master, and Maul held his own against Obi Wan and Qui Gon at the same time. The better fighter does not always win, Obi Wan caught Maul off guard.

    Yoda, by the way, was considered the best swordsman in the galaxy (at the time that fight took place). Vader (Anakin) let Obi Wan beat him with position, not swordplay. In his overconfidence Anakin forced foolish attack giving Obi Wan the easy win. Take nothing away from Obi Wan, he’s a badass, but Vader clearly was more skilled/powerful.

    Last point, Vader did not reach his prime until he had been nearly burned to death and sustained himself on hatred alone, so in fact Obi Wan did not beat him in his prime, he provided the motivation that put him there (that along with Padme’s death formed the Vader we all know and love).

  2. Colin Cunningham says:

    I remember that guy! He was in the movie for, like, 5 minutes!

  3. Solstice says:

    Maul didn’t die when he was cut in half. He lived for decades in hiding, got spider legs and came back like 6 months before Yavin. He challenged Vader’s position and Vader killed him.

  4. Jibbit says:

    okay, if the I-III are considered part of the franchise, clone wars must be considered as part as well. Darth Maul was killed by anakin after becoming half cyborg! if you want to bitch about how he lost a fight with obi-wan, read up on the character first! besides, palpatine knew that kenobi would be necessary and the death of his master would forge him into who he had to become to train anakin properly to prepare him for his role as a sith lord.

    This game would have been amazing, if only just to see in depth the life and culture of the Zabrak species, a race far underplayed in the SW universe.

  5. Bib Fortuna says:

    all it need is a dark side Ahsoka

  6. BongSabre says:

    Kenobi was dead the moment he took Luke under his wing. Doesn’t change the fact that Vader was the instrument of his demise.

  7. Josh Patrick says:

    Bongsabre… let me just say… Obi Wan let himself die to save Luke

  8. BongSabre says:

    No, Maul has a neat aesthetic, but killed *one* Jedi, whom I’m fairly certain foresaw his own demise and let it happen to become a Force ghost. He was a nice paintjob on a turd of a movie that didn’t deserve to be made, let alone franchised upon.

    And Darth Vader once ended a Maul clone in such a manner as to clench the ‘Ultimate Sith Badass’ title for all time. Google: Darth Vader vs. Darth Maul. *SW Pro-tip: Vader killed Kenobi and Sidious.

  9. slimreturns says:

    The most badass one-off antagonist in sci-fi history. I have always felt like we were all short-changed by Lucas with Maul.

  10. MisterUnderhill says:

    That first Sith looks an awful lot like General Grievous.

  11. Alex says:

    That Padawan you speak of was only considered the greatest swordsman in the galaxy… and who only a few years later PWNED Darth Vader in his prime.

  12. Josh Martinez says:

    Hey man, darth maul was a bad ass. Yeah a padawan killed him, but only after he ran a master Jedi through.

  13. J says:

    I sense much anger in you…^

  14. BongSabre says:

    Who would really want a game based on a punk Sith that was taken out by a cub Padawan fresh off of the teat? Or one based on a Hutt bounty hunter that was taken out in the most disgraceful manner by a flailing, BLIND, scruffy-looking nerfherder?

    I think they should try to bring the “Star Wars Legacy” era into video games… and bury the “Pre-trilogy” under Jar-Jar’s rotting corpse.

  15. *sigh

    goodnight, sweet prince.