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This Goes to Eleven

Maybe the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. For the first time, Doctor Who completeists can get all eleven incarnations of the last of the Time Lords, including Paul McGann’s Eight Doctor from the 1996 TV movie, never before seen in action figure form. The figures come in a TARDIS-shaped box for easy display.  They ship in August with a street value of $99.99.

Now if only my wallet was bigger on the inside.

Image: Underground Toys

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  1. donkey tits mahoney says:

    all dr. who themes wrapped up in one sweet mix.

  2. Travocity says:

    I would kill for this, my birthday my friends bought my a life size Dalek figure and Christmas bought me a TARDIS and now all i need is this and a Sonic Screwdriver.

    The TARDIS was sadly not larger on the inside, still a good conversation piece.

  3. Livius says:

    If only the case were an actual TARDIS to replica instead of a box.

  4. andoran_g33k says:


  5. Bill D. says:

    This is way cheaper than buying them individually, even if you already own a few of them (or, in my case, 6).

    At least that’s how I plan on selling the idea to my wife, anyway.

  6. SciFiMommy says:


    I got a fez last week. Wonder if I can convince hubby to get me this?

  7. doug says:

    Joe: You missed the hyperlink under “street value of $99.99.”

  8. summer says:


  9. Joe says:

    Did I miss something? The story doesn’t mention where to order them.

  10. Brian says:

    I had forgotten whose Twitter feed I was reading when I clicked on the link in @nerdist – I thought this was some weird update about my HMO. This is much better.

  11. Eric says:

    I wish I was a kid again. Oh, wait… I never really grew up.

  12. Killroy says:

    I NEED. Hell, just give me #4 and the last three and I’m set.

  13. Ionia says:

    That is EPIC WIN. Although I might be tempted into sleeping with Ten under my pillow. Which would be… creepy.

  14. Brian says:

    Alright! Now I make my Doctor Who gangbang fanfiction a REALITY.

  15. Don says:

    Nerd-gasm! Have to go clean up now…

  16. Shirashima says:

    DO WANT! Someone who loves me should get this for my birthday today, even though it doesn’t come out until later.

  17. tina says:


  18. Wow, I want it, and I love the This Is Spınal Tap reference.

  19. Cynthia Henry says:

    This is a must-buy, even though I already have five of them.