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This FROZEN Parody of BREAKING BAD Perfectly Encapsulates Jesse and Walt’s Relationship

You know, in a lot of ways the relationship between Jesse Pinkman and Walter White is very much like a fairytale. It’s one of those classic “boy meets teacher, teacher becomes drug kingpin, boy becomes unwitting pawn” sorta stories for which centuries-old ballads have been written. Which is exactly why this mash-up of Breaking Bad and popular Frozen tune, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” is so perfect. Jesse and Walt are nothing if not the Anna and Elsa of the American undercover drug trade. Don’t you want to build a meth lab with Walt?

In the fairly spoiler-y (of the big moments, at least) “Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab?,” the ballad of Jesse and Walt’s relationship played out to perfection thanks to the folks and Animeme. Walt, always pretending to be in control, was really at the mercy of Jesse’s oft-conflicted whims (except for the times that he wasn’t, R.I.P. Jane). And the gang’s all here — minus poor ol’ Gale Boetticher (also R.I.P.) and a few of the later baddies.

In a perfect world Todd Alquist (a/k/a Landry from Friday Night Lights) would definitely be Hans and Hank would be a total Olaf, but would that make Skyler the Kristoff and Flynn (a/k/a Walt Jr.) Sven? We may have to rethink that but either way: great, right? You’re totally imagining the boys of Vamanos Pest as Grand Pabbie and Co. singing about their meth operation being a bit of a “Fixer Upper,” admit it!

What do you think of the parody? Leave some more Frozen/Breaking Bad parody suggestions in the comments!

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    The cold never bothered me anyway… Bitch!

  2. Sam says:

    Yay for Brock Baker!

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