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This FALLOUT 4-Inspired LEGO Garage is the Bomb

Let me once again remind you that Fallout 4 is a thing that’s happening very soon, and as such we seem to get new Fallout-themed items every day. Today, we introduce you to an epic Fallout LEGO build.

LEGO builder Pierre has assembled a Fallout 4  mini garage inspired by the original trailer using the colorful blocks, and it’s stocked with everything a wasteland wanderer would need to survive the brutal landscape of post-apocalyptic Boston. The quintessentials are there: a power suit, some Nuka-Cola bottles, a minigun, and even Dogmeat. What’s even cooler is that it’s not actually small scale — the garage is 5-feet wide, and almost 2-feet tall. Peep the whole gallery bellow.


Other items in the garage include a Vault Boy figure, a weapons rack, and even some built-in posters to fill the walls. It’s pretty damn awesome. The small details on the power suit are pretty RAD as well. I could only imagine how long it took to put something like this together.

I’m not sure what would be the best way to display something this large, but it would make for a great discussion piece for your gaming room. This also makes me wonder what a Fallout LEGO game would look like. Let’s not forget that Portal now exists in the blocky universe thanks to the IP’s inclusion in LEGO Dimensions. So, as strange as the combination sounds, it could work wonderfully.

What do you guys think about this garage? Do you want to build your own? Should we ask for a Fallout LEGO game? Am I just completely crazy for thinking it would work? Let us know in the comments below.

HT: Kotaku

Image credit: Pierre


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