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This Custom Imperator Furiosa Doll Will Rescue All Toys from Oppression

It’s going to be a while before I’m done obsessing over Imperator Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road. I can’t help it. She’s the kind of character that gets under your skin. As important as a role as she played in the film though, I can’t help but worry about her being left out if and when we get official merchandise from the film. Licensees making toys for Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars have burned me so many times that I’m scared Hot Wheels will release a line of vehicles and leave out the War Rig (as far as I know, Hot Wheels doesn’t have the license or anything, I’m just guessing). Joi had that concern too and took action; she created an Imperator Furiosa Barbie. Isn’t she glorious?

Joi modded an existed Barbie literally known as “basic Barbie.” As far as I’m concerned, she gave the doll pretty much the best makeover possible. Barbie received a haircut, an amputation, a dye job, some new grease-inspired makeup, and an outfit change. Besides making the tiny clothes, Joi even took the time to age them so they look like they’ve seen some rough wear and tear in the desert. I’m impressed with the artistry and would proudly display this doll on my shelf.

Basic Barbie:

If you’d like to bring the ferocity of Furiosa into your home, you can bid on the doll on eBay. You can see more pictures of the build process at Joi’s Tumblr.

Who’s ready to build a custom war rig for this kickass Barbie? At the very least, who’s ready to drop money on Furiosa action figures or a Hot Toys statue? Head to the comments and let me know what Mad Max: Fury Road toys you want to buy.

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