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This Creepy Margarita Is Garnished With an Actual Frozen Bull’s Eye

Remember the scene in Scrooged when Bill Murray sees an eyeball in his cocktail and he freaks out? Well, have you ever watched it and thought to yourself, “I’d drink that?” If the answer is yes, then good news, weirdo, because a restaurant in Australia is now serving a black margarita garnished with a real frozen bull’s eye.

We first laid eyes on this creepy cocktail concoction at Foodbeast, and it comes from Faro Tapas, the new Spanish tapas bar and restaurant at the MONA museum in Tasmania, Australia. Their black eyeball margarita is made with tequila, mezcal, lime, charcoal, along with a black salt coating on the glass. Oh yeah, and then on top there’s this grotesque thing staring back at you.

Oh good, the dystopian future we’ve been warned about is here.

Look, we’re not even comfortable eating a fish with the head still on, so ordering a margarita with a dead bull staring at us isn’t exactly appetizing. But if you order one don’t hesitate to drink it, because as Pat Nourse wrote in his review at Gourmet Traveller, Faro says you should consume it “promptly, before the sphere of ice encasing the eye melts.” GOOD TO KNOW.

Or you could just avoid the frozen real eye and try making a tasty “eyeball” instead, because our own Jenn Fujikawa already came up with a great way to make edible eyes from lychees, blueberries, and red food gel dye.

We’ll stick with Jenn’s version. Because there was a reason Bill Murray freaked out when he was served one.

Would you drink this eyeball cocktail? Tell us why in the comments below.

Images: Faro Tapas, Jenn Fujikawa

The eyes have it!

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