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This Batman Cosplay Has Broken a Guinness World Record

When attending a comic convention, the chances of running into a Batman cosplayer are pretty good. A lot of hard work goes into making the costumes as exact as possible. Julian Checkley from Galway, Ireland, has taken that phrase, “exact as possible,” to a whole new level.

Reported by Gizmodo, Julian, a film art director, is now the Guinness World Record holder for “Most functional gadgets in a cosplay suit.” According to Guinness, “The gadgets must be integrated into the suit, and cannot be separated, carried gadgets” in order to qualify for this particular record. Julian was able to fit 23 different items into his Batsuit, which is inspired by the video game Batman: Arkham Origins.

One of the first items Julian created for the costume was the video screen for the gauntlet It is also a functional GPS that works in conjunction with Bluetooth tracking devices that magnetically stick to vehicles.

Video Screen

Julian’s favorite gadget in the suit is gas dispenser. By lifting up his wrist, the gauntlet shoots out a burst of CO2 gas (but could probably be replaced with knockout gas if you happened to have the chemical prowess).

Gas Jet

Other gadgets included a folding Batarang, flash pellets, a grapnel gun (while it DOES shoot, I don’t recommend trying to launch off buildings with it), and the trusty Bat-Flask, because his BatStress levels can get extremely high some nights.

You know that kid in class that would always screw up the bell curve? When it comes to cosplay, Julian is definitely that kid.

So what do you think? Are you giving your 2016 Halloween costume ideas a second look? Do you think he could have fit in 24 gadgets if he really tried? Let me know on Twitter or sound off in the comments below.

Images: Guinness World Records

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