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Artist Depicts What Movies Might Look Like with One Letter Removed

A popular trend on Reddit and other social networks is to envision a movie and write a synopsis of said movie after having removed one letter from the title. For instance, you’ve got “Finding Emo” when removing the “N” from Finding Nemo, or “Obocop” when the “R” is removed from RoboCop. Writer and illustrator Austin Light took this fun meme one step further and drew up a series of illustrations based on movie titles dreamt up by the Reddit community, giving them his own personal summaries as well.

The results are absolutely adorable and great for a laugh, especially given the fact that most of the films lampooned are instantly recognizable cult classics and blockbusters appreciated by movie fans everywhere. We’ve got a smattering of Light’s fantastic work below conveniently gathered in a gallery along with his captions, but you can check out this Imgur gallery for a few more not included in the series here. What’s more, if any of the prints strike your fancy, Light is working to make prints of many of these images available for purchase, with the “Pup Fiction” and “Ron Man” images already up for pre-order.

Check out the nerdtastic riffs on popular movies below and visit Austin’s official website for more!

[HT: Twisted Sifter]

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  1. J. says:

    Alloween – Follow the band Ween as they tour the UK in this nontraditional rockumentary. (Okay, even I’ll admit that one is a bit of a stretch.)

  2. J. says:

    A*S*H – The Korean War is the least of their worries as an active volcano looms over a mobile, army surgical unit in this disaster comedy.

  3. J. says:

    The Ion King – A young scientist comes to terms with his destiny in this coming of age tale.

  4. J. says:

    I A Legend – A lone survivor in a mysteriously abandoned school finds that grammar isn’t his only obstacle. 

  5. J. says:

    Oy Story – What happens when two complete opposites, a punk and a yuppie, get stranded and must come together to find their way back home? Probably exactly what you’re thinking. Henry Rollins and Ben Affleck star as unlikely companions in a children’s movie that’s as rebellious as it is impossible. Oy Story, coming this December.

  6. J. says:

    The Ark Knight Rises – No atheist is safe when an ancient apparition appears after an accident opens the once-thought lost Ark of the Covenant.

  7. Colto says:

    Ill Bill. David Carradine…well, being David Carradine.

  8. Please get an easier to navigate image gallery. I know it’s a #firstworldproblem, but it’s still annoying.

  9. Who can forget “Blades of Gory” the story of when young Happy Gilmore took off his skate to cut a kid.

  10. LAB says:

    Forgive me for this.  Schindler’s Lit.  A German businessman in Poland is distraught over Jewish atrocities and gets high to deal with the guilt.

  11. vtrdhc says:

    I would definitely watch Scram

  12. Then there’s “Lien”- a small group of asteroid miners find themselves unable to escape the debt for their over-mortgaged spacecraft