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Things Get Crazy In An All New Spoileriffic Clip From AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.


On the heels of the latest Marvel Studios release, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, thing are about to go haywire for everyone over on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. In the last episode, the team had cornered butt-kicker extraordinaire Melinda May when they discovered she’s been secretly spying on Coulson ever since she boarded The Bus in the first episode. This clip from the next episode, titled “Turn, Turn, Turn,” picks up right where that scene left off.

This is, by far, the most intense moment the show has had since its premiere, and Clark Gregg is nailing Coulson perfectly in a way we haven’t seen him before, betrayed. You can see the confusion and anger in him, a rarity for the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent that’s normally able to keep his cool in even the most extreme of circumstances.

Of course you have to wonder how the effects of The Winter Soldier will play into the series. Considering the promo material, it’s probably safe to say “Turn, Turn, Turn” will take place during the confusion of agents within the organization trying to figure out who’s a Hydra mole and who isn’t. The idea is summed up perfectly in the promo from last Tuesday, when Garrett says “this is a battle for S.H.I.E.L.D.’s soul, and we’re on the front line.”

And as for the Clairvoyant, we’re all thinking Zola, right? It’s gotta be him now. It’s perfect.

What do you think’s going down with Team Coulson on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Image: ABC/Marvel

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  1. Muse1942 says:

    Ok, here’s my take and its in line with the last several comments… The Ship / Launch platform that Sitwell visited is also the new Zola and a Hydra base as well, replacing the original reel-to-reel version and explaining what it was shutdown when Cap & BW arrived. I also think this secret satellite launch platform alludes to SWORD being in play – the Space arm of SHIELD. The USB interface was probably for his download into the digital world. Zola may even play into the Ultron AI in Avengers 2. The Guest House is not a Hydra Base, but was an autonomous, compartmentalized project of Fury’s that Zola (The Clairvoyant) had no record or connection to thus why the Clairvoyant had no idea how Coulson survived New York. I still think the “Skrull” Guest at the Guest House is not actually dead, but has been slowly regenerating. Now that its not being drained of its regenerative properties, it will likely regenerate faster and somehow escape from the rubble. I don’t think Hand is Hydra, but is definitely a high level double-agent as in the comics for HAMMER who is aware of Hydra’s infiltration. I also believe that SHIELD is not dead, but the fallout will be felt on TV. Being in disarray, it will reform under Captain America’s leadership and guidence to irradicate any remaining Hydra, and probably with Coulsen’s aid. Afterall, Fury said to Cap “I guess you’re in charge now.” And with Bucky back, it paves the way for Steve Rogers pass the Captain America torch to Bucky (who just signed for 9 movies) and focus on leading SHIELD. As for the Season Finale special appearance, my money is on Captain America making contact with Coulsen in the wake Cap 2 after Fury & Hill’s departure.

  2. Mymosa says:

    I think that Simmons is the Mole for Hydra. She isnt on the bus, she was very insistent on getting all of the blood possible from sky, just like Hydra was trying to get the serum for them to be able to create a soldier like Captain America. It makes sense. She had never disobeyed orders before but she was determined to get that back to HQ for analysis.

  3. jummyq says:

    It’s taken me a minute, but it’s starting to dawn on me how awesomely risky and exciting all of this is.

  4. dave says:

    Food for thought: Garrett said something peculiar last week about how he loved The Amazing Kreskin. Interesting because Kreskin is/was a clairvoyant (according to wikipedia) and i just thought that was rather odd for them to have him say that line. Could Garrett be or know who the clairvoyant is? “Trust no one” is what was said in Cap2.

  5. AntonioAche says:

    Hey ‘Vee’ I love your answer. I think your look at Skye possibly being apart of the ‘miracle’ project is a wonderful turn on the whole 084 thing . I’m def thinking Zola/project insight were behind The Clairvoyant and I also doubt anyone on the team was Hydra. I also dig that this ep seemed to take place right before/during Winter Soldier as Agent Sitwell’s exiting line was, “Looks like I have a boat to catch” I really like the direction they’re taking at this point and can’t wait for the next ep!

  6. Vee says:

    **movie spoilers as related to the TV show**

    While the movie doesn’t use the name “The Clairvoyant”, it makes it perfectly clear that Zola/the program he made is The Clairvoyant. It pulls data (such as SHIELD files) and is able to predict the future.

    The bigger question is given the reveal of Hydra’s activities, it seems that the Guest House may have possibly been related to Hydra in some capacity. I do find it interesting that Skye seems to be about the same age as QS and SW. I have a feeling that the ultimate reveal regarding Skye is she was part of the ‘Miracles’ project, but because she was taken from the program at a young age (baby), she never had a chance to properly develop or manifest her powers since Hydra wasn’t there to continue her development.

  7. PJ Lowry says:

    It’s clear that Zola is the Clairvoyant. Should we take it as coincidence that the Clairvoyant spoke to Coulson the same way Zola spoke to Cap in Winter Soldier? But if Zola is the Clairvoyant, that might mean Ward was covering up for him, which would suggest he might be Hydra. Then again, why did Mae shoot first and ask questions later? She might be Hydra too.

  8. Bucky Barnes Jr. says:

    Yah, don’t comment ’til you’ve seen the movie…

    Not only is it a plausible theory, but it would be cool if the show and movie crossed over. Just like they did with THOR 2.

  9. Sean says:

    It is possible for Zola to be the Clairvoyant because since he can hear everything, he might be in every piece of technology in S.H.I.E.L.D.

  10. Gabriel says:

    ************SPOILER ALERT***************************

    Peaches, the algorythym IS the Clairvoyant. It studies peoples’ past (just like the files Skye discovered) to predict their future and then any Hydra agent could utilize it to stay ahead of SHIELD.

    ****************ok, it’s safe to coninue reading now******************

  11. peaches says:

    Can’t be Mad Thinker he’s a F4 rouge, so doubt we’ll ever see him unless Fox tried to do an Intelligensia movie of just F4/Xmen smart baddies.

    ** Spoilers if you haven’t seen Winter Soldier

    Zola is still in play, after what happens in Winter Soldier. Someone had to install that USB interface fairly recently, and it doesn’t take much to download a program, no matter how many banks of connected data reels Zola is/was on. Plus the whole encryption Virus thing…
    Hydra is so embedded with SHIELD that Zola could be The Clairvoyant , easily, since his personality algorithm for finding “do-gooders” that Project Insight was, could easily be utilized in keeping some of the SHIELD razors chasing shadows. I don’t think anyone on Team Coulson is compromised (maybe Ward, but he’s probably the most boring team member) i like that this clip revealed May has a direct line to Fury, leaving his trustees to May, Widow and Hill. Half the people in the last episode were Hydra, or accused anyway (Sitwell, Hand, that one guy that was only injured).

  12. Torino Johnson says:

    Zola becomes a robotic villain in the comics almost like Modok is. His mind is put into a humanoid machine. It is possible that he is the clairvoyant as well as the mastermind.

  13. CRB says:

    You know nothing till you see the ending clip from The Winter Soldier.

  14. Daryn Brooks says:

    Maybe there’s something in Winter Soldier that points toward Zola, I don’t know, haven’t seen it. But it’s just not his gig. He’s a scientist, a tool. He’s a geneticist/engineer who doesn’t have the backbone to mastermind this big of an operation. After all the Marvel news releases I’ve read recently, I’m going with one of two people depending on if S.H.I.E.L.D.’s “Psychics aren’t real” policy is true or not. If it’s true, I’m still going with the Mad Thinker. His use of probability calculation to predict outcomes is second to none, plus he has the engineering knowhow to create a Deathlok. If the policy is false and there are telepaths and psychics in the MCU, it goes on a limb, but I would say it’s Mentallo partnered up with the Fixer. Sounds way out in left field but the clairvoyance is something Marvin Flumm can handle and the science and engineering is right up the Fixers alley, especially if they have big backers, (Strucker and HYDRA). Probably totally wrong, but it’s a good storyline and maybe someone at the MCU will see this outline and say, “Hey this guy has ideas, let’s hire him!”