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These Superhero Designer Suits Will Have You Fighting Crime in Style

In a world where cosplay is the norm, dressing up in nice clothes can actually feel MORE like wearing a Halloween costume. Thanks to (kudos for grabbing that domain name early), we have a way to combine the two. Now you can show off your geek love, and look great doing it.

Fashionably Geek has reported that Fun has released their line of designer suits for pre-order. There are three styles to choose from. It just depends on how subtle you want to be in showing off your geek pride at a buddy’s wedding.


This Batman suit represented the “Alter Ego” line, which also includes Iron Man and Superman. Does it take too long to get into your superhero costume? These suits are for you because the suit IS the costume.

Captain America

The “Secret Identity” line has the most options to choose from and also has a more toned down look. The tie, handkerchief, and coat lining are adorned with your favorite hero’s logo. Other than that, it’s just a set a spiffy looking threads (do people say “threads” still? Or “spiffy,” for that matter?).


The final line, “Authentic,” gives you a choice between the Riddler and Joker. If you would like to start your own copycat criminal empire, these are a GREAT choice.

The suits are available in both adult and youth sizes and range between $169 and $349. Thanks to these suits, we can now fool everyone into thinking we are into the whole “adulting” thing.

You can check out more suit designs in our gallery below, and can pre-order any of them here.

So what do you think? Which of these suits is your favorite? Are you wishing these were around BEFORE senior prom? Let me know on Twitter or sound off in the comments below.



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