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There’s No Way This New Trailer for ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Won’t Convince You to Watch

The second season of Orange is The New Black has been out for weeks now — if you hadn’t noticed from our recaps — but still, there’s something about those Litchfield ladies that sticks. Be it their tragedy, their comedy, their heart, or their convictions (legal or otherwise), the women of OITNB are a force of highly effective, entertaining, television storytelling.

And this trailer will convince any of you weirdos out there that have managed thus far to avoid watching one of the best series out there (and perhaps our Netflix favorite) to do just that. …Or maybe even re-watch! After all, who can remember anything after a binge, really, right?

I mean look at this thing: we watched it mostly for the sake of writing up this post but now even we’re considering doing a rewatch (and we really took our time with it in the name of our own sanity/writing about it).

So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to watch (or re-watch) the return of the Pornstache? See what happens with Daya and Bennett? Flashback to Alex and Piper’s happier days? Gripe about Larry and Healy? Get the ever-loving shit scared out of you by way of newcomer Vee? Watch Taystee continue to be our favorite and find a new, obsessive love for Rosa? And you know there’s always a lot of heart to be felt whenever poor Suzanne (a/k/a Crazy Eyes) is involved!

Have you watched OITNB season 2 yet? Trying to convince a friend and/or loved one to watch? Let us hear it in the comments.

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  1. Hannah says:

    I might be the only one who doesn’t like this netflix show. It’s just not interesting enough with people locked up in prison. It’s rather depressing really. The characters are over-acted, like they are all caricatures of women in prison…  and just because they’re girls/women doesn’t make it more cool.
    Am I totally alone on this? All my friends says so. 😛