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The Wondercon Nerdist Panel, Plus A Preview Of “Nerdy Jobs”

Hey, so, we had a panel at Wondercon Sunday at Anaheim Arena (former home of the ABA’s Anaheim Amigos, and yes, there really once was a basketball team called the Anaheim Amigos), and if you were there, you got to see a little preview of some of the stuff we have coming up at the Nerdist Channel, including video versions of some of our podcasts, and Paul Provenza and Troy Conrad were there to represent the Nerdist Channel version of Set List, the stand-up challenge where the comedians have to make up jokes on the fly about topics projected onto a screen onstage.

Also, Matt Bennett — co-star of Victorious — was there, and he made good on his backstage promise to get at least one Macklemore reference into the discussion, and he talked about the show he’s doing for the Nerdist Channel, too, and the video above is about that, too. Matt will be dropping into the coolest companies in America to find out what it’s like to work there, from tech businesses to comic book stores. It’s coming soon, but this promo will give you an idea what it’s like.

Oh, and you may know this already, but Nerdist Industries is working on movie projects and partnering to cross-promote with some great developing YouTube channels (like Hello Doctor Puppet), the return of Neil’s Puppet Dreams and a nice big healthy dose of Fraggle Rock on the way, and more stuff about which all shall be revealed soon enough. And if you’d been at the panel, you’d have seen Chris hug a young lady dressed as Wario and come perilously close to tumbling off the stage by doing so (must have been how her mustache tickled him), and you’d know the curious case of the couple divided by their opinions on the Star Trek universe and whether the old and new versions are in separate timelines. You hadda be there.

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  1. Will G says:

    I was and it was awesome!!!!!! But I do feel the show Friday night was much better, total no filter night 😛

  2. erik2690 says:

    No worries, maybe something will pop up on Youtube. Sounded like it went great though.

  3. I don’t believe it was, sorry.

  4. erik2690 says:

    Was the panel recorded at all? Any way to see it? I heard great things on Twitter, but couldn’t be there.