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“The Wolverine”: International Poster Means Business

There is no denying that the international market is just as, if not more important than domestic box office nowadays. How a film does in China, Russia and other foreign territories can make up 50% or more of a movie’s gross. Films like Iron Man 3, Looper and Battleship are being made in ways to appeal to international fans (and their capital investments). I mention Battleship specifically because while that movie was critically panned in the US and “bombed,” the film broke even on world box office alone. That “flop” made the studio a profit. And that’s why the Transformers film franchise will never be laid to rest. Even Legendary and Warner Bros.’ upcoming Pacific Rim is going to bask in the glow of having a very diverse international fan base. International sales are the reason so many summer blockbusters in the last 5-10 years were globetrotting affairs, to appeal to audiences outside of the US.

When the X-Men: First Class foreign market box office returns were better than the domestic, it was an easy sell for Fox to rush The Wolverine into production. The Wolverine going to Japan seemed like an inevitability, and now Fox saw how lucrative it could be. And this whole long diatribe about the importance of the international box office is basically so I can inform you The Wolverine got a new international poster that is just as classy as the US counterpart with a modern sensibility. The poster also has a motion version viewable here.

And here’s that original US poster with the stylized black and white art:


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  1. CC says:

    @ Michelle: When he was first in Japan it was before he was involved in the Weapon X Program (where he got the claws)… Unless you buy into the whole ‘bone claws’ revisionist history of Wolverine.

    Either way, he didn’t have his adamantium claws when he was in Japan.

  2. Michelle says:

    Dumb question: why does Wolverine need a samurai sword? He’s got freakin’ knives coming out of his hands!!

  3. CC says:

    Christian Kane should play Wolverine. He’s be perfect for it, Jackman and every movie up until now has been crappy.

  4. Hairy Melvin says:

    Is that the poster for Gay Samurai Cockhilt?

  5. Morbo says:

    All I see is penis.

  6. Erasergirl says:

    you know…if you just see that cropped image quickly…the one at the top…if it weren’t for the tsuba (handle guard) …the image has an ENTIRELY different tone. 8) and once you see it you can’t unsee it.

  7. I think we need a Wolverine movie under the Marvel Knights branding. Make it rated R and let Logan go wild. Hugh Jackman has too much charm when playing Wolverine and should be a little more rough. I’m not saying make him a real jerk, just a littler rougher around the edges.

  8. tmatte says:

    fucking awesome….I hope they can turn around this franchise.

  9. George says:

    Hate the first one. Like something out of DeviantArt.