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The Week In Science: SpaceX Stargates, Mystery Clouds, and The Angelina Jolie Effect

Digging through the web this week, I uncovered all this geeky goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a. Enjoy.

Science to Read, Watch


Alzheimer’s patients may lose a memory, but the emotion can remain

You can make one of the most expensive materials on earth with a pencil and tape

Everything you need to know about Rosetta, the comet-harpooning robot

Half the water on Earth might be older than the Sun. Makes the molecules even more awesome

Dude raises mantis, also hates houseflies. You see where this is going

It’s a happy problem to have that we aren’t sure where the first dinosaur/bird split occurred

This incredible spider spends its entire life underwater, lest you think anywhere is safe.

Remember that figure you’ve heard a million times that all the ants weigh as much as all the humans? Yeah, wrong

Bacteria are vital to a healthy weevil, but when they’ve served their purpose, it’s time for ABSORPTION

Did life’s asymmetry arise from molecule-destroying electrons? Or, why does life spin right round?

What does a loop of potato-shriveling RNA tell us about ancient life? Maybe a lot

What ancient armored fish tell us about how the first sexytimes went

We haven’t classified a new cloud in 60 years. These rolling marvels might be the next

Five ways Tattooine’s moisture farmers could collect water in the desert

Mars is now populated by 7 robots. Let me introduce you

No, “chemtrails” aren’t a thing

We’ve got the fungus that should start an epidemic among tumbleweeds

This is what octopus cannibalism looks like: pretty uneventful

Europe’s Insane History of Putting Animals on Trial and Executing Them

“India’s trip to Mars, at a price of $74 million, cost less than the Hollywood movie Gravity.”

We confirmed our theories of island biogeography, but found that humans are quickly rewriting them

The slow motion violence that is the Xenomorph mouth of a tattoo machine

Doppler radar occasionally picks up bird flocks and it’s awesome

No, you don’t swallow spiders in your sleep. Spiders don’t like you, you’re gross

The CDC’s worst-case predictions for the Ebola outbreak are dire

Doggy-style is best for men with a specific kind of back pain. We watched people have sex to find out

Almost everyone you know has had the same hallucination

Bigger mammals have more cells to mutate, but they don’t get cancer more often. Why?

Do caterpillars evolve offenses or defenses based on dumb baby birds?

The Body Electric: The poorly understood and bizarre symptoms of lightning strikes

“Narwhals grow long tusks, if they have the balls to do it.”

African termites have community digestive systems. They stretch from guts to tunnels to the sky

New study questions the real value of a “Tiger Mom”

These little Antarctic fish use anti-freeze to keep from turning to ice, but it also preserves the ice crystals

Robot octopuses are GETTING FASTER

Those incredible BICEP results are now seriously in question

Researchers have found a distinct “Angelina Jolie Effect.” What does that mean for risk communication?


Extreme Nerdery

The Space Station’s 42nd crew parodies Hitchhiker’s Guide

Watch a Stargate form inside a SpaceX fuel tank

Reduce your payments

Kanye got a haircut while searching for the Silph Scope

You know what’s cooler than a ball on Mars? Starfleet insignias on Mars

I chat with Jessica Chobot about how that ball on Mars totally is not aliens for Nerdist News

Getting sucked into a hole of calculating how many orbits it would take for a satellite to fly over all 50 states

The Matrix, as an 8-bit video game

Yes, Electro totally should have dropped the bass

Still got your copy of Diablo 1? Get the HD mod!

How complicated is your makeup routine?

All 151 original Pokemon, beautifully Minecrafted

Discovered where to buy a space-time carpet! You just need to order from Denmark


Sciencey GIFs and Images

Photographer Visarute Angkatavanich can make fish look ready for a gala

Ways to get electrocuted, as warned by the 1930s

The Perfect Storm, based on a true, terrifying ocean

Take some sort of goal-oriented platitude from this owl

That double-jointed kid in school always had a trick, but it probably wasn’t this unsettling

Sooooo falconers take their raptors on planes with them

Impalas have watch out for leopard air raids

Photographer Julieanne Kost captured trillions of microorganisms turning salt ponds purple

How do you board a boat amid stormy ocean waves? Have a crazy stabilizing platform 

I still can’t really wrap my brain around seeing a nuclear blast from the air

A properly licensed gallery of Alex Wild’s amazing insect photography

You’ve got a lot of work to do, but you got this

1.361 kilograms of 99.999% pure cesium. Watch out for water.

Ladies, gentlemen, stoners. I present to you: The Spinny LED Thing

Among the evidence we do have for black holes is the odd motion of stars at our galaxy’s core

I know it’s ‘shopped, but that doesn’t stop it from breaking my brain

Jumping spider knows what you did.

We recently dissected the second intact colossal squid. This is its beak.

Can we get a skin-tie for this dog or something?

A friction welder spins metal fast enough to press together, and lets everything stop under its own inertia

1970-1984: The reign of “Jennifer”

There are waaay more oil rigs in the Gulf than I thought

Artist Caleb Charland’s science-infused art installations are absolutely fantastic

The sciencey sorcery of induction heating

Writing/researching without coffee

The physics of pigeon flight meet the physics of F1 slip streams

A bobtail squid is ready for its close up.


Pop Culture Happenings

The iPhone 6 really is on the low end of the bend test

State Farm pulls Rob Schneider from its commercials for his anti-vax views, because vaccines are health insurance

Holy shit Marvin Gaye singing “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” live with the music taken out is even better

The FDA is taking steps against the terrible human beings that are selling fake Ebola cures

If anyone wants to buy me the new Phantom v2511, just let me know, I have a wood saw to film

We are willing to try anything to get the lionfish menace under control

Today the FAA made it possible for Hollywood to make movies via drone

Bringing a suit against Facebook because they have no idea what informed consent is

The World of Live Action, Competitive Oregon Trail

On Thursday, President Obama created the world’s largest ocean reserve

I would love to see a Cirque du Soleil filled with these dancing quadcopters

Balam Acab’s “Sea Birds” is trippy music crossed with trippy glitched nature videos

Just guess how a new NYT/CBS poll on climate change breaks down across the parties. Go ahead, guess


Behold the Most Amazing D&D Map Ever Created!

Behold the Most Amazing D&D Map Ever Created!

These Leatherbound HARRY POTTER Books Come with Horcrux Bookmarks

These Leatherbound HARRY POTTER Books Come with Horcrux Bookmarks

7 Most Radical Guitar Scenes In Movies

7 Most Radical Guitar Scenes In Movies