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The War is On in New ORPHAN BLACK Trailer — And It’s Coming Back April 18, 2015


The war for autonomy and understanding has never been more fervent than it is right now — the silly ol’ DYAD was juuuust the beginning. It only scratched the surface of the machine that’s brought the beloved clones of BBC America’s Orphan Black into existence. The stakes are high and the clonespiracies even higher in the upcoming season of the BBC America series, and the sestrahood isn’t going to take it anymore. Not Sarah, not Cosima, not Allison, not Helena (GASP! What have they done to you?) — not even Project Leda, it seems. Clone Club: it’s time for the final countdown.

So start speculating and theorizing now, because there’s only 120 days (but who’s counting? Totally not us!) until the return of Orphan Black on April 18, 2015. Naturally, there are some spoiler-y bits here so if you’re not into knowing things in advance (or have yet to see the finale of season two), definitely turn away now lest ye be spoiled forever and forced to live with that knowledge for 4 months.

The four main clones — Cosima, Sarah, Allison, and Helena — are all featured prominently (no Rachel?) in the clip, discussing the upped ante that one would expect following that season finale. “This is a fight for knowledge; this is war; this is [something in Ukrainian, we’re assuming?],” the girls warn. Because those with power are — as Mrs. Hendrix so stated — do not give it up so easily (as evidenced by all the blood on Helena’s face. Nooo! Helena! What has the shadow-y government organization done to you? How are you bebies?!)

But the best part? How terrifyingly creepy and good Ari Millen looks as the newly introduced male clones. Oh, the humanity!

How excited are you for season three? Leave your super-abundance of feelings in the comments.

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  2. Valeria says:

    This has me so pumped for the new season. I was a little resistant to the idea of male clones since I really love the focus on the sisterhood but I think Ari Millen is gonna kill it!